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Noise issues prompt changes for One Paseo night work

As off-site construction work on One Paseo ramped up during summer nights, residents of the East Bluff community of Carmel Valley across the street took the brunt of the impact. Residents complained of hearing the endless beeping of trucks backing up throughout July and jackhammers blasting at...

Noise issues prompt changes for One Paseo night work


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  • July 28: Letters to the editor

    Patrick Vergne is a gem I have a friend whose son did something slightly wrong while at the beach. One of Patrick’s lifeguards was about to call the police. Patrick calmly intervened and simply called the boy’s parents. They were grateful and assured Patrick that the boy would be reprimanded. Due...

  • July 20: letters to the editor

    Pat Vergne should run for City Council Take it from one who has known and dealt with him for decades, there is no more honest and capable person in Del Mar than Pat Vergne. I suggested he run for City Council some years ago but he said he wasn’t ready for that. My hope is that he now is. Jim Donovan...

  • July 13: Letters to the Editor

    Kudos to the Bruttens for Plaza upgrades Patricia and Marc Brutten — what a wonderful start for your plans to revitalize Del Mar Plaza. Your recent physical upgrades of the Plaza are first class and the new comfortable furnishings are delightful. A perfect place for neighbors to again enjoy neighbors...

  • June 29: Letters to the editor

    Short-term rentals have long played a key role in Del Mar Del Mar’s recent attempt to restrict residents’ renting of their homes for less then 30 days is yet another alarming example of the exclusionary direction our local government is trying to take Del Mar without concern for what is actually...

  • April 6: Letters to the editor

    Unicorns in Del Mar? Kudos to the City of Del Mar and the City Council for their transparency in posting the newly released feasibility study for a private police department on the City’s web site. Here is the link: I am neither supporting nor opposing...