Rancho Santa Fe Students explain the art of turkey making

We asked Solana Santa Fe first-graders to whip up their ideas of how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. Most agreed that turkeys are bought at the store, but they differed on cooking times, which ranged from 10 minutes to eight hours. Feast on their adorable answers.

Kelly Rampino’s class
This is how to make a turkey. First, you get a turkey at the groshry store. Then, you pull the feathers out. Next you put it in a pan, Then, you put it in the uvin for about 2 hors. Finally, you eat the yummy turkey.
— Shea

You take all the parts you don’t want to eat out. Next, you stuff the turkey. After that you cook it for three hours. Finally you eat the delicious turkey.
— Jannick

You put salt on the turkey. Next you cut it up. After that you cook it up.
— Jordan

First you buy a turkey. Then you bring it home. Next you take the head off. After that you cook it.
— Oli

You take off the feathers and cut off the head. Next stuff the turkey and take out the bones. After that you cook it for one hour. Finally, enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner.
— Morgan

I like turkey. You get a turkey from a store. You take the bones off. You take the feathers off. You cook the turkey. You eat a turkey.
— William

Put it in the oven. After that put stuffing and spices.
— Hugh

Take out all the yukky bones. After that bake it up to two hours.
— Emma

Put it in the oven. Then put spices on it. You make it cool off for five minutes. Then eat it.
— Jacob
Vicki Lugo’s class

Cook it for 45 minutes. After that cut it. Last (finally) eat it.
— Marco

Put the turkey in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes. When it is done you can eat it. And you can put some other things with it.
— Aidan

First,cuc it for 25:9. Then put salt on. Next put on onions. After that we put olives. Last we put peppers. Finale we eat it!
— Laney
Cook the turkey in the oven. Then cut it. And last the garlik. And finally you eat it.
— Jenna

Cook it for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can put some sauce.
— Matt

Christy Campbell’s class
The first step is to dress the turkey. Then soak it. Then in the oven it goes. Next put a thermometer in. Then if it is done, enjoy.
— Jacqueline
The first thing you do is put on some water. Then put the turkey in the oven.
— Grace

Put it in the microwave.
— Dane

The turkey cooks for eight minutes. Take it out of the oven, take the temperature. Then you eat it.
— Griffin

It cooks for eight hours.
— Beau

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