‘Net-zero’ green home builders construct Web site

New house in Solana Beach nearing completion

Soon-to-be Solana Beach residents Pollie Gautch and Darryl Matsui went to a lot of trouble to make sure the home they are building is as energy efficient as possible.

It’s their hope you won’t have to.

Gautch and Matsui are building the first “greenpoint rated” net-zero home in Solana Beach, meaning that it produces as much energy as it uses. The home will have solar hot water, solar electricity and take advantage of the ocean breeze to generate cool air. In order to find the materials to allow them to build this, Gautch and Matsui had to search all around San Diego.

“When we first started looking around for sustainable and green companies, it was piecemeal here and there. It got a little frustrating,” Matsui said. “At that point, with Pollie being an attorney and having some friends that do Web sites and things, we decided let’s try to set up a Web site and make a clearinghouse for sustainable green companies to go and advertise.”

The Web site, www.sandiegogreenhomes.com, offers free listings for companies that specialize in energy-efficient products and construction. Gautch and Matsui say they do not make any money from the site, and just maintain it so others have an easier time of building environmentally friendly homes.

“It’s so cliche. I want to do a little something for the planet; I want to do my part,” Gautch said. “It’s all the obvious answers.”

The couple currently live in Cardiff, but say their house will be done later this year.

Gautch and Matsui are joining the many people in Solana Beach looking to make a difference in reducing carbon emissions.

To try to educate as many as possible, the city’s Clean and Green Committee is planning events in March as part of its Sustainability Month program. There will be a green building fair at Fletcher Cove on March 27, and committee President Steve Goetsch said he expects to have builders there to show how to build a net-zero green home.

Aside from listings for businesses, Gautch also runs a blog on the Web site. She said the online project has helped get the word out not only about her home, but opportunities for salesmen to introduce their energy-efficient materials.

“People have been calling and saying, ‘Hey, I have a new product I would like to see in your house, do you want to look at it?’ ” she said, adding one that caught her attention is a countertop made entirely from crushed paper.

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