Opinion: A gun store in Solana Beach?

By Lila Scarlato

It is not because of employment opportunities, cultural diversity, or affordability of…well, anything that I choose to live in Solana Beach. It is the mild weather of San Diego, the ability to have an active lifestyle year-round and the safe and family-friendly neighborhood that keeps me here. So for those of us who prioritize our health and our children’s well-being over everything else, the appearance of a gun store in Solana Beach is unwelcome. Instead of promoting Solana Beach as an ideal venue for new restaurants and grocery stores with farm-to-table and organic visions, we say yes to a gun store? Right next to a gymnastics center, ballet school and acting studio where children come and go regularly?

I hate to bring up salaries, but the compensation of our city officials goes well into the six figures, not to mention the 250K+ salary of the city manager. For this kind of compensation, I would expect that they would be working hard to make our city attractive to restaurateurs and progressive businesses looking for North County venues.

As Encinitas, Cardiff and Del Mar embrace progress, Solana Beach can boast the presence of a shiny new gun store. Of course , we have banned smoking at the beach. However, this is somewhat unenforceable — I see people smoking all the time. Maybe I should make a citizen’s arrest? But what if they pull out a gun? Maybe I should visit my convenient neighborhood gun store.

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11 Comments for “Opinion: A gun store in Solana Beach?”

  1. Thomas Simpson

    I can't believe that no one has commented on this "non-emotional," "well thought-out," "rational" pile of reason.

  2. Bill Stoops

    I have commented. Apparently not to an acceptable standard.

  3. Plenty of people have posted however the same people that are against the 2nd amendmant appear to be against the 1st as well.

  4. Mobile Reef

    For a person who supposedly takes priority in health and child safety, this post confuses me. It occured to me that maybe she has never been in the unfortunate suituation of having her "safe" neighborhood invaded by criminals who broke into her house with her children home. What if, just what if…those persons had bad intentions towards her family. A dog barking for early warning and a weapon (such as those sold at local gun shops) "could" deter any would be thieves, or worse…killers, from harming her family. Think it can't happen in Solana Beach? Look up March 12 2009 home invasion,as printed by the Del Mar times. I believe if I am not mistaken it was a sexual assult on a female in her own home, in your safe little town. Please think about and prepare for worst case scenarios and hope for best case scenarios, such as you would for earthquakes, natural disasters and such. Our second ammendment rights can help law abiding citizens protect themselves agains creeps like the March 12th person, or worse. I hope Lila Scarloto or her family never have to go through anything like her neighbor did, but I also hope Lila Scarloto has respect for her neighbors RIGHT to purchase a firearm from her local shop.

  5. Paul Helmke

    Why would a gun shop be bad for your health or kids? Armed law abiding citizens will ensure the safety of your town and children.

  6. Sean

    I tried posting a comment, but apparently "awaiting moderation" means censorship

  7. Jane Morton

    Thanks to the letter from Ms. Scarletto, with a little more searching, we were FINALLY able to locate the gun shop. We had searched months ago w/o luck as it had no sign and the windows in that area are generally tinted. Even when a sign appeared, we had no idea it was a gun shop. One would have to know the name and exact address to actually find it (no mention of GUN in business's name). I would hardly describe this very very low key operation as a "shiny new gun store" or a " convenient neighborhood gun shop". Far from it.
    I detect a lot of alarmist and elitist overtones in this letter to the editor. I suggest anyone concerned with the presence of a gun store in our community pay the store a visit…if you can find it! Then go to the local sporting goods store, Big 5, which has a good sized gun display at the left of the store. Both are in the business of promoting gun safety along with gun sales.

  8. captain obvious

    Has Lila Scarlato ever even fired a weapon? What qualifies her to lay judgement on a store that sells registered weapons to law abiding citizens? How is it her place to comment on someone else's ability to protect themself and their family?
    The only logical explanation is that Lila Scarlato is irrationally oppossed to guns. Why is her fear of weapons irrational? Because if I wanted to harm someone there are far less traceable ways to do so without giving up my thumbprint and undergoing a background check to pay for a $600 pistol. Alcohol, gasoline, rags, and matches are a far more destructive combination, and can be bought in the same sitting at nearly every gas station, even the ones in Solana Beach.
    Also, let me point out that this is not the first place in the Solana Beach area to sell firearms. Big 5 has a fairly large selection of guns and shares a wall with a pizza place. Clearly not a restaurant that has been "scared away" by gun stores.

    • Jay

      What’s more terrifying than a gun store?

      The neighborhood near it, where an individual could most likely buy an unregistered weapon.

      Fight the black market sales, not ones to responsible citizens.

  9. alan thomas

    this country has to stop being so liberal,, our country was founded with the gun and to this day is protected by the gun …….. how about putting God back into our schools ? I guess you libs are making our country to soft and someday we wont have any right’s to do anything …

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