Opinion: What were you thinking, Del Mar City Council?

By Preston Vorlicek
Del Mar

The Del Mar City Council recently “bought” support from the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council for the fairgrounds purchase in exchange for guaranteeing all existing labor agreements and policies (“Del Mar Times”, March 8). What was the City Council thinking? Have they not seen what these types of labor agreements have done to the City of San Diego (essentially bankrupted them)? Have they not seen what these types of labor agreements have done to the State of California (essentially bankrupted them)? Do they not know that the State of California and city of San Diego have massive unfunded pension plan liabilities from these same types of labor agreements? Have they even had a thorough and professional review of these agreements to fully understand the liabilities?

The City Council is so anxious to buy the fairgrounds that it seems as though they will agree to just about anything. Here is what the City Council has done so far:
1) Agreed to increase their price from $90 to $120 million.
2) Agreed to dilute Del Mar’s role on the fair’s board to 1 of 9 votes to gain support from surrounding communities.
3) Agreed to honor all union labor agreements (have they even seen them?) to gain union support.
4) Hired a lobbyist to lobby Sacramento legislators.

What’s next?

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2 Comments for “Opinion: What were you thinking, Del Mar City Council?”

  1. Mike

    I don’t see what you problem is? Its business as usual. As long as the voters support candidates with politically correct agendas, we are all headed for bankruptcy. The vote in Washington was a joke, by both parties. There should be an immediate and complete recall of the entire board. The DA should look into criminal charges as well. Anything less, quit your complaining, take your medicine. The voters don’t care! They are a bunch of ostriches, afraid to confront reality. They want to follow the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Peolosi and Dennis Hastert on the gravy train to oblivion.

  2. Daniel Lion

    I read the City Charter, specific Article 1 and didn't see where this type of activity and ability to make agreements with gov't agencies, businesses and labor unions is mentioned. Must be in some other document the City Council has drafted but not posted.

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