Solana Beach’s Local Coastal Program available for public review

By Marlena Chavira-Medford
Staff Writer

Now through June 8, the public can review an updated draft of Solana Beach’s Local Coastal Program (LCP), which lays out the ground rules for development and conservation.

Right now the California Coastal Commission (CCC) makes most of the final decisions on these issues, but if the CCC certifies this LCP, Solana Beach would finally have that authority, except for projects within 300 feet of the bluff on the street parallel. The city’s decisions could still be appealed to the CCC, and the CCC would also keeps its coastal permit jurisdiction over development on tidelands, submerged lands, and public trust lands. Overall, however, this would give Solana Beach more influence over local issues.

The LCP requirement is part of the California Coastal Act, which applies to the 1.5 million acres of the Coastal Zone, an area that includes all of Solana Beach. Each LCP is required to include a Land Use Plan (LUP), which spells out policies and implementations of ordinances consistent with the California Coastal Act. A copy of the Solana Beach’s draft LUP is also open for public review through June 8. Though the LUP addresses several topics, policies related to the beach and bluff-tops remain a top priority for residents.

The CCC has accepted Solana Beach’s most recent drafts, although there are several recommended changes. The CCC must act on the LCP and LUP drafts by Nov. 10, 2011.

Although Solana Beach has been working on getting its certified LCP for more than a decade, it is one of the only coastal communities to still not have one. In fact, as of 2008, nearly 90 percent of the Coastal Zone had received a certified LCP, according to data from the CCC.

The Solana Beach’s LCP and LUP drafts can be viewed online at or at city hall, 635 S. Highway 101.

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2 Comments for “Solana Beach’s Local Coastal Program available for public review”

  1. 4oceans

    Ok. From the look of the draft document, this submittal is DOA. It is the worst of all the previous drafts when it comes to coastal hazards and seawalls. While the older versions at least had the hokey 'build seawalls now and remove them in 80 years' plan, the current version does NOTHING but maintain the status quo: continue to wall enough the shoreline to benefit a few dozen property owners at the expense of millions of other beachgoers, not to mention the other 99% of Solana Beach residents.

    The puny mitigation fees proposed aren't sufficient to buy coast front parcels or encourage people to move back. In fact, the City insanely suggests that it's "policy" will be to encourage SANDDAG and other people to buy and put sand on Solana Beaches ~ with hand out like a beggar. Hoping other people buy sand and throw it in front of a few mansions isn't a policy, it is a death sentence for public beaches!

    It looks like the City has just totally given up on the public and given in to rich development interests. Subsidize the rich, after all you might win the lottery some day and need to feed at the public trough also. If you doubt where you're going on this, wade through this pathetic stuff:

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