Savannah Cat Shoppe opens at Flower Hill Promenade

Savannah cats can be found at the Savannah Cat Shoppe at Flower Hill Promenade.

Flower Hill recently welcomed one of the most unique shops to ever be a part of the shopping center — the Savannah Cat Shoppe. The shop is the first of its kind to feature the exotic Savannah cats, the world’s largest domestic house cat. It’s the only shop in the world with a Savannah habitat and gives the public the ability to interact with these spectacular cats.

They say that pets are a manifestation of their owners. If that’s true, Savannah cats reflect a cultured spirit: an unrivaled mix of haute couture and savage superiority. The Savannah cat is likely the most unique cat you will ever find: an extremely rare hybrid breed derived from a domestic cat mated with a serval, an African wildcat. They are known for their playful, dog-like personalities. So much like dogs in fact, that they love to play in water, and are often even seen walked on a leash or playing fetch with their owners! Although partially wildcat, Savannahs have fully domesticated personalities, are incredibly loving, and great with children and other animals, making them wonderful pets.

The Savannah Cat Shoppe opened its doors for business on Sept. 24 and is located in the lower level of Flower Hill Promenade, across from Paradise Grille’s outdoor patio. The shop features a large, enclosed glass habitat where cat lovers can come in and watch the kittens play. Usually, a fully-grown adult cat can also be found sprawled across the desk for visitors to pet and interact with. In October, the shop will hold a grand opening celebration where “Scarlett’s Magic,” a Savannah cat, and Guinness Book of World Records “World’s Tallest Cat,” will make a celebrity appearance. Check’s event calendar to stay updated on the date of the grand opening.

The shop is open from 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, noon-5 p.m. on Sundays. More information can be found on their website at and the shop can be reached at (800) 881-0006.

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5 Comments for “Savannah Cat Shoppe opens at Flower Hill Promenade”

  1. lori

    These are the most amazing, unique, and beautiful cats I have ever seen. They are so smart and social. Very expensive but probably worth the money. Great place in Del Mar. I can't wait to go back.

  2. savannah

    well, those kitties are way overpriced;-) just saying as a savannah owner (early generation), with several friends as well….just do your research when buying savannahs and go to any reputable savannah breeder.
    don't buy people svannah just because you like it in the store, know what you are buying first and as i have mentioned, way too overpriced…

  3. LCE

    There are plenty of cats just as nice in the shelters here in san diego.

  4. lincat

    First of all, there are wonderful shelter and rescue kittens waiting to be adopted that will die if homes are not found. Secondly, a pet shop is not the place to adopt. Pet shop animals usually come from kitten and puppy mills where breeders keep animals in horrific conditions. Inbred purebred animals usually have tendencies towards various serious diseases and chronic conditions that naturally occuring cats and dogs do not.

    If you feel compelled to buy a purebred animal, at least buy from a reputable breeder that raised the animals in a loving home and stands behind their health and temperment, not from a pet "shoppe" (no matter how fancy the spelling is still a sleazy business.)

  5. Ronnie

    I wonder where these cats are bred. So now we will have a kittenmill pet shop? I think we should protest this shop.

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