Opinion: One Paseo would be perfect addition to Carmel Valley

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the One Paseo project, and I’d like to weigh in because those voices who are often the loudest do not speak for the rest of us.

I am a longtime resident, I love Carmel Valley and I believe One Paseo would be the perfect addition to our town. The potential impacts are totally overblown by the few who seem to be singularly obsessed with defeating this project.

I like this plan because it is an intelligent solution to many of our chronic problems: lack of retail options, lack of family-friendly recreation opportunities, lack of a community core. And let’s not forget jobs. Lots of folks here are hurting. We need to support economic growth and expand our tax base. In that sense, One Paseo is a long-term solution to what we all hope is a short-term problem.

Those opposed claim they’re actually OK with a main street project – if only the developer would lop off so many floors, take out this much square footage, remove the residential and commercial components and, of course, not add a single car trip. They’re treating One Paseo like a buffet, picking and choosing only what they want.

Again, they don’t speak for the rest of us who, in fact, see this project is a good example of balance – different land uses complementing one another, amenities for young and old, a mix of high-end and family-friendly shops and restaurants. It’s a well thought-out plan that’s uniquely suitable to our city. One Paseo has my full support.

Carole H. Coleman

Carmel Valley

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1 Comment for “Opinion: One Paseo would be perfect addition to Carmel Valley”

  1. Reggie Dunlop


    Many of us who are opposed aren’t looking at One Paseo as a buffet – we would be happier with nothing being built at all. People who want to live in a high-density neighborhood don’t choose to live in Carmel Valley. That said, the developer has a right to use their land as shown in the San Diego General Plan, which would allow them to build a project about 25% the size of One Paseo.

    There’s nothing “well thought-out” about a plan that results in a project four times the size of what is approved in the City’s General Plan. Please explain how pointing out that simple fact is an exaggeration of the project’s impacts.

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