One Paseo would be bad for business

By Dave Wolfson
Carmel Valley resident and business owner

By now you’ve read about the terrible traffic the One Paseo project will cause, and like a previous writer said, we don’t need to do tons of mathematics to come to that conclusion. Also, we can clearly see that the original laws for this parcel of land were for 500,000 square feet. That’s the size allowed, and the market price for the land was set for that size, and that’s what the developers invested in. We also have solid evidence of shenanigans with the politicians and insiders of government making this a sweetheart insider deal behind the scenes for the developer.

What is also bad for the community is the business of One Paseo. In addition to all the above terrible things about this project, what keeps coming across as a given “good” thing is “it’s good for business” and it will “create jobs.” The reality is that One Paseo’s business comes at the expense of other businesses, and is also a loss to individuals.

Millions of square feet more commercial property? What about the existing business properties that are vacant and have been for years? How will the existing property owners do better with an even bigger glut of space? They won’t. One Paseo’s gains will be existing property owners’ losses. Any taxes collected from One Paseo tenants will come as a loss of taxes from existing property owners’ tenants.

Additional traffic means that losses come to existing business owners as customers are delayed in One Paseo traffic, and decide not to do business with them any more. Once again, One Paseo is taking money from existing business, not generating new business. What about the extra delays I suffer in One Paseo traffic? One Paseo is taking directly from me, since my time is money, too.

What about the Highlands’ existing businesses? Why would I want to shop at a proposed, mythical, Trader Joe’s when I love Jimbos? Each dollar spent at a new Jimbo’s-like business is a dollar right out of the pocket of Jimbo’s. Once again, One Paseo is just shifting money from existing businesses to themselves.

New jobs? No. Just a shift of low wage jobs from existing employers to One Paseo low wage employers. Google and Microsoft are not building a new complex here. None of the One Paseo jobs will support a family to own a house here.

Wow, I wish that every time one of my investments or businesses didn’t do well, I could just change the rules, the way One Paseo is doing, and get some behind the scenes guys to OK it.

There’s no economic value added with One Paseo. It’s very bad for business.

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