Students detonate bottle bomb in Carmel Valley

By Karen Billing

Three Carmel Valley Middle School students allegedly set off a homemade bottle bomb near the Boys & Girls Club located next door to the school before school started on Monday, April 22.

As the school had a late-start day, one seventh grader and two eighth graders went to the store to purchase the supplies and the over-pressure device they made went off around 10 a.m., according to Maurice Luque, San Diego Fire Department spokesman.

“This is a stupid thing to be doing anytime but especially now when there is a heightened sense of awareness in light of the Boston bombing,” Luque said.

No one was injured in the incident. The boys were detained after an unrelated fight occurred on campus later in the day and one of the students involved told school officials about the bomb going off and named the students involved.

The police and the fire department’s Metro Arson Strike Team (MAST) were called in to investigate. The investigators decided to be lenient on this case, Luque said, but he stressed that setting off such a device is illegal and could have serious consequences.

“I encourage their parents to impress on them the seriousness of what they did and how lucky they are that they didn’t go into juvenile hall and weren’t prosecuted on this which they could have been,” Luque said.

In 2009, an 18-year-old student who set off five bottle bombs at San Ysidro High was charged with misdemeanor charges of possession of a destructive device and possession of materials to make a destructive device. He spent five days in jail and was sentenced to three years probation, losing a scholarship to the Air Force Academy.

“It’s just not an intelligent thing to be doing,” Luque said.

Luque said kids should make good choices and do the right thing but said parents need to be supervising how their kids are spending their idle time, how they’re spending their money and what they’re looking at online.

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7 Comments for “Students detonate bottle bomb in Carmel Valley”

  1. L Raya

    It’s too bad they were lenient on the kids. If they would have been put through “the system” with community service maybe they would learn a lesson. The leniency teaches them that they can get away with breaking the law. It is not doing the kids or society a favor. Juvenile records are sealed, so better to teach them now than after 18. The daughter of a friend got caught shoplifting some makeup at a major mall. When her mom got there she was in the back of a police car scared to death. She had hearings, mandated courses outside of school, and once a week for 6 mos of working at a community food distribution center for the less fortunate. She learned more than just not to shoplift.This was a teaching/learning opportunity lost.

  2. Stevo

    While kids will be kids, leniency is the last thing they needed here. Spar the rod spoil the child. Guess “zero-tolerance” policy doesn’t apply for “bomb’s” on campus.

  3. Victor

    L Raya and Stevo, watch the movie October Sky, then please reconsider your comments. These were smart kids to whom science is cool, building on what they learned in science class, making sure nobody was nearby, they weren’t on school property, and the only reason any adult even knew about this was another child wanted them to get in trouble.
    What the children did was harmless and based in innocence.

  4. Mike

    a BOMB? Please! This was a science experiment-vinegar, baking soda, etc. It wasn’t on the campus either. The kids should have been given some community service (picking up trash at the school, etc). and a warning.

  5. Mimi

    I think this newspaper and the Senior News Editor (Karen Billing) should be ashamed at such poor reporting. A correction should be published in the next issue. The ingredients the children were experimenting with were baking soda and vinegar. This was not a bottle bomb incident. Bottle bombs are made with tin foil and a caustic substance and will cause damage. Please Dear Editor, include the facts when reporting.

    • As we always do, reporter Karen Billing and this newspaper did check the facts with the authorities who provided the information on this incident, the San Diego Fire Department.
      “The ingredients in this case would have created the explosion of a plastic bottle so it constitutes a bottle bomb,” said Maurice Luque, San Diego Fire Department spokesperson.
      Thank you.

  6. Eli

    I have to say one of the kids that set off this so called “bomb” were probably inspired by the movie October sky because we just finished that movie the Thursday before the experiment was done. I didn’t see it personally but a couple of my friends said the experiment didnt even go higher than 10 feet or the top of the softball cage. These kids I have to admit did this experiment at the wrong time with it being only a week after Boston but no one, even our principle didnt take this event as serious as the fire department. Now don’t get into why the hell the bomb squad was called. That just drew the line but its passed and thank god they didnt get expelled o Eric this experiment because then the whole event would be just making a mountain out of a mole hill

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