Del Mar Union School District Superintendent McClurg receives raise, new contract

By Karen Billing

The Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) has signed Superintendent Holly McClurg on through 2017 with a new contract approved on July 24. McClurg also received a raise — she will now earn $170,000 a year, up from her 2012 pay of $158,500 a year.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the work that the superintendent has done,” said DMUSD Board of Trustees President Doug Rafner.

Trustee Doug Perkins said the board went through a very thorough process, looking locally and statewide at comparable districts’ salaries. He said McClurg started off at a much lower salary than typical and her new salary is still on the lower end of the scale.

He said the increase in salary is not only to bring McClurg up to where she should be, but is a reflection of a job well done since 2012 and a very positive board evaluation.

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7 Comments for “Del Mar Union School District Superintendent McClurg receives raise, new contract”

  1. concerned reader

    Are the public aware that teachers have NOT received a “raise” in over 5 years, our budget for supplies has been slashed to nothing, and our class sizes have increased? It’s nice to know that teachers are doing this so that administration can get raises year after year.

    • concerned reader

      I am sure it is “what’s best for students”.

    • parent

      Teachers voted to send some of their co-workers packing so that they could avoid impacting their own salary with furlough days, which resulted in increased class sizes.

      • Del Mar Teacher

        Not true across the board! Many teachers voted for the furlough days.. My whole team being 5 of the teachers who voted that way. We even wrote a letter to the board requesting furlough days and why we felt that was the best choice. The vote barely passed and was split between most teachers. My salary has decreased every year for the last 5. No teacher wants increased class size! We were put into a bad option/bad option situation.

  2. concerned reader

    All last year, the community and staff of DMUSD were told that the District was going to be deficit spending $4.5 million dollars. It laid off librarians, ELL aides, cut back hours on school health clerks and took $1.1 million dollars from the Collective Bargaining Agreement from the teachers- which increased class size and reduced ESC. Now, the superintendent gets a 9% salary increase?! Because she is being rewarded for a good job? Classified and certificated staff have not received a salary increase sine 2008! Will the school board support its other staff for doing a good job with a salary increase?

  3. Worried parent of dmusd

    This sends a clear message to our families that our student and staff needs rank very low. The board should be ashamed that they made a promise to help out the classified cuts regain some of their losses, etc. if they freed up money in their budget. Instead, they slapped them in the face with a clear message of corruption and disinterest by rewarding the superintendent for a job well done–having numerous people lose their jobs or hours for her raise. Sad to be associated.

    • Kristin Gibson, DMUSD Board Member

      I am grateful for your interest in our district, but I respectfully disagree with your post. I am not ashamed, and I am happy to discuss this decision with any stakeholder willing to engage in a respectful conversation. My contact information can be found on the district website at

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