Solana Beach receives highest marks in county for overall tobacco control

By City News Service

Most cities in San Diego County received poor grades Jan. 22 in the American Lung Association’s 2014 report on tobacco control policies.

The results reflected a stagnation of tobacco control efforts across the state, according to the “State of Tobacco Control 2014’’ report. The organization called on California cities to renew their commitment to reducing tobacco use through policies restricting sales, providing smoke-free housing and limiting exposure to second-hand smoke.

The highest marks for overall tobacco control were given to El Cajon and Solana Beach, each of which received a B grade. They were rewarded for licensing tobacco retailers. Additionally, El Cajon was lauded for banning smoking in common areas of multi-family housing units. The City Council is also considering a ban the sale of electronic cigarettes.

The city of San Diego received a D. Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos and Santee were each given F grades, as was the unincorporated county.

“We are proud of the work being done in San Diego and Imperial (counties) to protect residents from the harmful effects of tobacco,’’ said Joe Kellejian, the former mayor of Solana Beach and a member of the Lung Association’s San Diego Leadership Board.

“However, tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death and illness in the U.S.,’’ Kellejian said. “We must renew our commitment to stopping tobacco from robbing another generation of their health.’’

Cities were assigned points by a review of various tobacco-control policies, ranging from smoking restrictions at restaurants and public areas to smoke-free housing and restrictions on tobacco sales near schools and parks.

The association gave out A grades to 18 cities and counties in the state. Statewide, the report gave California an A grade for its smoke-free air policies, but a D for having a low cigarette tax, an F for insufficient funding of tobacco-prevention and control programs and an F for poor coverage of smoking treatment services.

More than 60 percent of cities in the state received an overall F grade.

“The policies reflected in this report demonstrate the leadership at the local level to ensure that all Californians breathe clean and healthy air,’’ according to Marsha Ramos, chair of the Lung Association’s California Governing Board. “No matter how big or small the city or county, local tobacco-control policies save lives. Tobacco use continues to take a tool on the lives of both adults and kids, so these grades represent real health consequences.’’

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3 Comments for “Solana Beach receives highest marks in county for overall tobacco control”

  1. Guardian

    Bans, taxes, bullying, stressing, do NOT save lives. The anti-smoking orgs have caused more deaths than than prevented. They are responsible for 400,000 deaths each year, related to tobacco. Why?
    1. By bashing THR (tobacco harm reduction) products, they scare people away from using them.
    2. By recommending big Pharma products that work for approx 10% but not for the remaining 90% of smokers! while simultaneously lobbying to ban safer alternatives to smoking! they are interfering with a smokers right to quit.
    3. Stress kills more people than anything else. By constantly attacking smokers, banning them from society, forcing them from their jobs & homes, forcing them to accept hazardous weather during their intake of calming nicotine, and most importantly, forcing them to pay exorbitant prices so they can no longer afford to eat properly.
    4. The “grade” is only important to those who are hoping to reach the TSET or big Pharma (RWJ foundation) grants goals. The tier levels of bonuses for banning big Pharmas competition.
    5. In effect, by bashing and banning THR products like Swedish Snus & eCigs, products that do work safely & effectively, in order to push upon the public big Pharma products with sad success rates or psycho side effects, over the past 50 years, at 400,000 smokers per year, the “non-profit” groups like ALA, ACA, TFK, etc, have literally murdered … Goodness, I can’t count that high.
    6. Judge Osteen null & voided the cherry picked data of SHS (second hand smoke) and threw it out of court, in 1998. Yet, the ALA, ACA, SFK, etc, still enjoy promoting the SHS lies & propaganda. If the lies were true, there wouldn’t be a person alive who lived to tell about it.

  2. Guardian

    One other thing. Did you know that it was the consumers who wrote to the states, suggesting the states to put the eCigs into their age restriction clauses. Did you know that the state attorney generals feared the loss of “sin” taxes with “what about the children” arguements, and actually got together and opposed the suggestion. The ALA, ACA, TFK, ACS, backed the AG’s and still to this day, fight for RAISING TAXES of real cigs. They ignore the over 70% success rate of eCigs, & claim that taxing is the only proven way. They been doing it for 50 years…
    This leads me to conclude that perhaps they are also being paid bonuses from the smoke tax world.
    The ALA refuses to accept THR, & prefer to kill thousands every year while they fight for higher taxes & bans as well as promoting big Pharma products with their epic fail rate.
    Classifying vaping as smoking is ridiculous. It is not smoke, it is vapor. By combining the two in paperwork, Vapers will not be able to continue quitting smoking as needed. This is their plan, the ALA, BP, AG, and needs to be halted.

  3. Guardian

    In short, the 60 percent of towns & cities who did their research & discovered the truths behind the push behind bans, receive the highest honors, the highest grades. Those are the towns & cities who deserve not only an “A”, but a bonus as well. Perhaps, the American Bill of Rights Society should begin offering tier grants, incentives, to keep our country free. What a sad thought.

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