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The Bully’s era in Del Mar could be coming to a close

The fate of Bully’s North, the iconic pub and restaurant in downtown Del Mar, is coming to light as a Beverly Hills-based restaurant group prepares to give the city’s architectural review panel a look next week at its plans to raze the 50-year-old establishment and build an upscale eatery twice...

The Bully’s era in Del Mar could be coming to a close


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  • March 16: Letters to the editor

    Double teaming Ms. Sutton Regarding the two letters sent in last week condemning Marsha Sutton’s weekly education column, I feel compelled to weigh in. “Careless” is the last word I would use to describe Ms. Sutton. While I may not always agree with her, I have always been impressed by how carefully...

  • March 23: Letters to the editor

    Climate change and science This letter was written on an iMac; emailed to the Del Mar Times. These everyday tools are the product of scientific research. Our TV’s, our cars, our homes have all been enhanced through scientific discovery. Science grows, delivers, and allows us to enjoy food of infinite...

  • March 30: Letters to the editor

    Clean air and emissions standards When I moved to Southern California in 1971, automobile emissions were poisoning the air. A recently published photo of LA’s shrouded skyline in 1973 reminded me how grim it was as the brown fog crept closer and closer to San Diego County. Fortunately, the California...

  • April 13: From the Del Mar Mayor: Del Mar Public Safety

    April 13: From the Del Mar Mayor: Del Mar Public Safety

    Del Mar takes pride in its public safety. We have our own lifeguard service which makes our beaches safe for residents and visitors. We have our own fire department, which responds quickly to emergencies. We even have a one-person police officer who patrols our beaches and parks; the Del Mar Ranger....

  • April 6: Letters to the editor

    Unicorns in Del Mar? Kudos to the City of Del Mar and the City Council for their transparency in posting the newly released feasibility study for a private police department on the City’s web site. Here is the link: I am neither supporting nor opposing...