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Shores bank loan to be finalized

On Monday, the city of Del Mar is expected to finalize a $3.5 million loan with Union Bank of California to fund a promissory note on the Del Mar Union School District’s surplus Ninth Street, or Shores property.

Results to start posting soon; polls open with a crowd

The San Diego Registrar office will begin announcing mail in ballots after the 8 p.m. closing of the polls and then begin calculating today’s poll votes.

Earlier today, Del Mar voters were seen lining up in the rain this morning to vote at a polling place on Ocean Avenue.

Bank loan prevents Shores default

The Del Mar City Council decided on Oct. 20 to secure a bank loan to assure timely payments on a $3.5 million promissory note the Del Mar Union School District’s Ninth Street Shores property.

Halloween spirit takes over

The Del Mar Village Association held its annual Halloween in Del Mar event last Sunday outside the newly remodeled L’Auberge Del Mar. The event featured arts, crafts, refreshments, magic show and trick-or-treating at downtown stores and restaurants.

No drama found in Del Mar City Council race

It’s an enviable position to be in. Simply one vote from yourself or a supporter guarantees you a victory in the Nov. 4 election.

That’s the unique circumstance three candidates for the Del Mar City Council find themselves in with three open seats available and only their names appearing on the ballot. Barring some unforeseen event or unlikely write-in campaign, incumbent Carl Hilliard, Mark Filanc and Donald Mosier will take their place on the council in December. David Druker and Henry Abarbanel will depart the council after 12-year stints.

Supporting Del Mar lifeguards

More than $16,000 was raised last Sunday during a tile-painting benefit organized by the Friends of the Powerhouse. The personalized tiles will eventually be placed on a new Del Mar Safety Center and monies raised will be directed towards the project.

City Council agrees to bank loan to prevent Shores default

The Del Mar City Council decided this week to secure a bank loan to assure timely payments on a $3.5 million promissory note the Del Mar Union School District’s Ninth Street Shores property.

Parking plan for development approved

Property owners will have an option to pay a fee instead of constructing parking spaces when a new parking program becomes part of the downtown development plan.

City council members voted Oct. 6 to approve the plan, which states that the fee can be exchanged for no more than 50 percent of a project’s required parking. It faces one more vote before taking effect.

City turns toward credit

Add City Hall to the growing list of entities affected by the financial crisis gripping Wall Street.

With several capital projects in need of funding and a general fund lacking in sufficient cash to foot the bill, the city of Del Mar is closely examining its borrowing options in a financial world rife with credit questions.

Trustees speed up hiring schedule on Hills principal

Questions remain over school’s future

Addressing parent and staff concerns over the lack of a permanent principal at Del Mar Hills Academy, school board trustees on Oct. 1, approved an aggressive schedule for the naming of a new principal to replace acting principal Vince Jewell.