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Ask Dr. Ceren: Before making an important decision, don’t ‘sleep on it’

Q: I can’t make snap decisions and I dwell on important decisions far too long. I’ve been told to “sleep on it, but that makes me anxious and keeps me awake. What is this about? Why doesn’t it work for me?

Ask Dr. Ceren: Complicated grief

Q: My sister passed away over two years ago, leaving my brother in law alone in Chicago. They were devoted to each other and had no children. In order to take care of my sister, my brother-in-law accepted an early retirement package three years ago leaving a high level administrative job. I think he misses his job and his co-workers.

Ask Dr. Ceren: Overcoming regrettable choices

Q: Never before in my life have I stopped and thought about the choices I was making. I acted on impulse, picking friends for the wrong reasons. I realize now that my friends were wrong for me. At the time, they were people who were as shallow as I was.