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Carmel Valley author’s new book shows how computers can be used to make a difference

Lisa Kaczmarczyk figured out how to combine her interests in social issues with her expertise in computer science by writing a book, “Computers and Society – Computing for Good.”

Story of ‘Fang the Cat’ a Carmel Valley family affair

Dave Wolfson reads from his website about his first book as if he’s talking to the children he’s writing for: “Fang is a thoughtful cat. With his friends, Small and Bubbles, he has an adventure with the kind lady’s pottery. Fang knows just what to do when the unexpected happens.”

Preservation a way of life for tiny Del Mar nonprofit

Sunset in the Maijuna area (Photo: Alvaro del Campo/The Field Museum)

Some people talk about conservation; Ivan Gayler and the staff at Nature and Culture International live it.

The small-in-staff but large-in-reach nonprofit based in Del Mar began with a vision: a real one of burning rainforests that Solana Beach resident Ivan Gayler saw from the air over Ecuador.

Arcana Empothecary offers alternatives in healing

Dr. James Mattioda, Ben Mattioda with Allison Liu, Christi Worthington and Alden Domini at Arcana Empothecary.  Photo: Kathy Day

Take the roots of alchemy and empathy and you get Arcana Empothecary, pharmacist James Mattioda’s business that opened recently in Carmel Valley.

By combining traditional pharmaceutical science with knowledge of biochemistry, plant medicine and homeopathy, he said, he strives to provide alternatives to patients as well as vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements and estrogen-free beauty supplies.

Supervisors warn of tough times at swearing in ceremony

San Diego County Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts warned Tuesday that tough times were ahead, as they and other elected officials took their oaths of office Tuesday.