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Solana Beach Library to celebrate anniversary July 16

The Solana Beach Library

The Solana Beach Library was founded in 1925, which means it’s been around about as long as anyone can remember — but depending on who you ask, those memories about its size and location may vary. That’s because the library moved locations five times before finding its permanent and current home in 2001 on Stevens Avenue.

Solana Beach Local Coastal Program draft to be reviewed soon

The California Coastal Commission (CCC) will soon be reviewing the current draft of Solana Beach’s Local Coastal Program (LCP), which lays out the ground rules for development and conservation.

Solana Beach: provides discounts while raising money for schools

Once upon a time, consumers had to clip coupons — but now, they’re just a click away.  A wave of companies has now mushroomed after figuring out how to harness the power of the Internet in a new way: Customers can go online and browse exclusive daily deals for all sorts of local businesses, pre-purchase vouchers for the promotions they like, and then use the vouchers when they want.

Solana Beach City Council approves establishment of levies

After conducting public hearings, Solana Beach City Council approved resolutions accepting engineer reports and establishing annual levies for the Solana Beach Coastal Rail Trail Maintenance District, which was formed in 2006 to support the operations, maintenance and landscaping of the trail. The Solana Beach Lighting District was formed in 1987 to support the installation, operation and maintenance of street lighting facilities within the city.

Del Mar Farmers’ Market continues to flourish with new enhancements

The Del Mar Farmers’ Market has long been a community staple for farm-to-fork fresh food and, after nearly 25 years, it has the distinction of being one of the oldest markets in the county. When this weekly open-air market launched in 1985, in fact, Vista was the only other city to offer a farmers’ market. Today, there are more than 50 farmers’ markets in the county, with new ones steadily opening.

Governor releases three 22nd District Agricultural Association board members

One day before the 2011 San Diego County Fair opened for business, three veteran members of the board of directors that governs fairgrounds operations got the news: Gov. Jerry Brown no longer required their services.

Solana Beach summer police program begins

This week marks the launch of a police program that aims to beef up summertime coverage along the coast in Solana Beach and Encinitas. The seasonal program will be run by the Encinitas Sheriff’s Station’s Coastal Enforcement Team (CET), which includes eight deputies — six from Encinitas, and two from Solana Beach.

Del Mar: Blog helps women on a budget make the most of their wardrobes

Kimara Kuspa and Lea Fischer, creators of

It is a quandary most women have grappled with: What should I wear today? The question, albeit common, can be enough to leave some staring blankly into their closets. Lea Fischer and her niece Kimara Kuspa have now made it their mission to help women make the most of their wardrobes via their blog

Del Mar’s Steven Osinski leaves corporate America for academia

Steven Osinski with Tracie Davidson, who was named SDSU’s top Business School graduate for 2011. The photo was taken at SDSU’s graduation ceremony in May.

Del Mar resident Steven Osinski was founder and CEO of the Smart Group, which specialized in the direct marketing for the nation’s largest wireless carriers, including what are now known as Verizon Wireless and Nextel. In the late 1990s, Smart Group was acquired by, at which point Osinski served as a vice president of marketing, overseeing a half billion in revenues for two years.

Del Mar Heights students tour the town

Sloane McGuire, Talia Traver, Megan Sparrow, Kennedy Quay, Chloe Kaminskas

Third-graders from Del Mar Heights School recently had a chance to learn about local history during a tour sponsored by the Del Mar Village Association of some of Del Mar’s iconic sites, including the Del Mar Library, the 17th Street Lifeguard Tower and train station.