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Former NFL coach Dennis Green works his plan

Dennis and Marie Green

Del Mar resident Dennis Green, a former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals, has lived his life by a simple motto: “Plan your work and work your plan.” It has served him well.

Solana Beach impressionist painter to hold home exhibit before his art is sent overseas

John Modesitt painting in France

A cheery yellow house with a white picket fence sits at the corner of Fresca Court. A path lined with blooming flowerbeds leads you inside, to a sunlit foyer filled with art. The paintings on these walls share the storybook-like quality of the home in which they are hung. One painting, for example, depicts a quaint village on a riverbank, while another shows a dirt road winding into a picturesque countryside.

Carmel Valley resident brings Urban Girl Accessories to Del Mar Plaza

Annie Glenn owns Urban Girls Accesories at Del Mar Plaza.

If you’ve been to the Del Mar Plaza in the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen the paper-covered windows next-door to Smashburger. The paper has now been removed, revealing downtown’s newest addition, Urban Girl Accessories.

Del Mar advances Wayside Horn Project

The Wayside Horn Project, which aims to reduce noise from the railroad, is one step closer to completion. During its May 23 meeting, the Del Mar City Council authorized the installation of wayside horns at the railroad crossing on Coast Boulevard, which will be funded by private donations from the community.

‘Renaissance Woman’ Pat Launer adds ‘artist’ to resume

When Del Mar/Carmel Valley resident Pat Launer puts her heart into something, success is seemingly inevitable. She dedicated 20 years to teaching speech pathology at SDSU, a passion that earned her the “most influential faculty member” in her department eight times.

Solana Beach resident advocates all-natural health remedy to high cholesterol

David McMahon

After 16 years in the medical device and research world, Solana Beach resident David McMahon is a bona fide numbers guy who stays steeped in black-and-white scientific data. So, he might not be the first person you’d expect would turn to an all-natural health remedy — but when his cholesterol levels crept dangerously high, that’s precisely where his research led him.

Sycamore Ridge Drama Club presents “The Wizard of Oz”

The newly formed drama club at Sycamore Ridge Elementary School recently preformed its rendition of “The Wizard of Oz,” a production that was several months in the making. This video showcases some of the highlights from a dress rehearsal, which proves that these kids may be small, but they’ve got big talent.

Del Mar Village Association pushes for downtown vitality

The Del Mar Village Association (DMVA) is launching a few new efforts to further its mission of bolstering downtown vitality and preserving Del Mar history. The list of things to come includes a new segment on the DMVA website geared toward potential Del Mar business owners, and a new line of totes and coffee mugs that feature historic Del Mar photos.

North County Cancer Fitness founders use personal experience to help others people regain their health

Deb Snyder and Susan Webster

Seated at a Del Mar coffee shop, Susan Webster and Deb Snyder banter and share honest, hearty laughs. There exists between them the kind of relaxed closeness you’d expect from lifelong friends — but these women actually just met a little over a year ago during a chance encounter at the Tri-City Wellness Center in Carlsbad.

Solana Beach will be joined by Del Mar and San Dieguito River Valley JPA in fairgrounds legal challenge

The Solana Beach City Council officially announced May 11 that the city is planning to legally challenge the Del Mar Fairgrounds master plan and Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), which outline a major redevelopment of the state-owned property.