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Alternative techniques can help you relax, energize

Most of us when asked “How are you?” answer “Fine.”

We tend to ignore our physical and emotional discomforts or turn to medications that treat the symptoms, not the causes, of our distress.

Welcome to the world of alternative healing, where the underlying cause of pain is the practitioner’s target, and sound, scents and intuition may be used to investigate how our lifestyles and attitudes helped create the discomfort we’re in. Get rid of these blocks, practitioners say, and you’ll feel fine.

Now is the time to jump-start your fitness resolutions

By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get into better condition, good news: Two venues have recently opened, both offering cutting-edge programs to help you shape up.

One-stop fitness

EZIA promises a comprehensive, 21st century approach to fitness, starting with a personal video assessment and including private coaching, small group workouts, and online progress reports in everything from high-performance sports and endurance training to yoga and Pilates.

The Loft brings ArtPower to the people

The hottest spot for music and mingling these days is The Loft, UCSD’s sleek 150-seat performance lounge which lives up to its promo as a social crossroads where emerging art and pop culture collide.

They say “it’s all happening at The Loft,” and it is. The past few weeks featured a New York indie-pop group, a trio of Israeli girl singers, an L.A. noise-rock band, a mountain folk duo from North Carolina, and the Portland Cello Project, classically trained musicians who play everything from Manuel De Falla to the Super Mario Brothers theme song.

Besides music, there are readings, movies, improv comedy, and with the recent opening of the in-house Zanzibar, a tasty menu of pre-and post-show drinks and eats.

3 concerts with variety of musical appeal

Music lovers have a lot to sing about these next few weeks. Whatever your favorite musical style, you’ll find a terrific performer at a venue nearby.

To start with the youngest: Jazz pianist/composer/boy wonder Chase Morrin will be playing Jan. 22 at the Pannikin in Del Mar as part of its Friday night music series, co-sponsored by BookWorks.

At 16, Morrin is a seasoned pro with a fistful of impressive credits, including ASCAP’s Young Jazz Composer Award, Downbeat Magazine’s Student Music Award for Best Performance and the Herb Alpert Emerging Young Artist Scholarship, which he’ll use for college in 2011.

Here are two ‘Secret’ treats for local foodies

It’s surprising how some of the best places are hiding in plain sight, treasured by local devotees, but unknown to the rest of us.

Cafe Secret

1140 Camino del Mar

(858) 792-0821

Home for the holidays: Give a present that says ‘Del Mar’

It’s ho-ho-holiday time again, when we’re all searching for the perfect gifts for family and friends, near and far. This year, why not try to buy local, giving something that could only come from Del Mar?

Om, sweet om: Yoga sessions soothe, strengthen

Yoga. The word means “union” in Sanskrit — the union of mind and body, you and the universe. It’s a practice that goes back thousands of years, a series of exercises to strengthen the body, deepen the breath and quiet the mind.

Cedros Ave. growing into a Garden of Eatin’

For more than 12 years, the Cedros Design District has been the go-to place for fine art and chic boutiques. But when it came to eating, there were fewer choices.

Explore nature and art just north of SD County

Newport Beach is only 90 minutes to the north, but it has a feeling all its own. So a day spent in Newport is really a mini-vacation.

Start by booking a morning kayak tour at Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve, the 1,000-acre remains of a vast estuary that was for centuries a prime fishing and camping site for Native Americans. This mix of salt and fresh water where duck hunters once had a field day is now a safe place for 200 species of birds to feed and breed. As a stopover on the Pacific Flyway, the bay is a popular bed-and-breakfast for wintering migrants.

HOT SPOTS: New Year’s Day comes again and again

Renewal is celebrated by many cultures at many times of the year

Jan. 1 is the No. 1 holiday on our calendar, which was originally introduced by Julius Caesar and modified by Pope Gregory XIII 1,500 years later. Among other things, Julius stuck two extra months in the old Roman calendar – one subsequently named for him and the other for his heir, Augustus – to make it more in accord with the solar year.