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SALT: Scraping the surface of the ultimate seasoning

Salt is a magical mineral. No other seasoning matches its ability to bolster the flavor of meats, seafood, produce – even sweets.

Yet, like vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate M&M’s, this quintessential flavoring agent often gets undeservedly labeled as “plain.” But make no mistake about it. Salt is anything but plain. In all its many forms, it is extraordinary and the best friend of gourmet chefs and home cooks alike.

Testing the MARKET

Chef Carl Schroeder communicates “farm-to-table” concept in exceptional fashion

Since its arrival in Del Mar almost two years ago, MARKET Restaurant + Bar has drawn praise from a wide variety of sources and, earlier this year, owner/executive chef Carl Schroeder was named Chef of the Year by the San Diego chapter of the California Restaurant Association. Considering this chef’s noble mission and method for accomplishing it, it’s no wonder he and his establishment have garnered such kudos.

Jai turns in a memorable performance

Famous chef’s new Asian spot provides common ground for foodies and thespians alike

Attention dining enthusiasts: Wolfgang Puck has landed in La Jolla.

No, we’re not talking about a new line of gourmet pizzas in the freezer section of your local grocery store. We’re talking about Jai (pronounced Jay), a brand new restaurant smack dab in the heart of UCSD’s campus.