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Residents reflect on Fiesta del Sol

Some community members are calling for improving the quality of Fiesta del Sol, especially the food offerings and arts and crafts booths.

Group will study how to apply new codes

Creating a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown that reflects Del Mar’s unique character has been the focus of numerous studies, from the community plan drafted in 1976 to the more recent workshop with design expert Fred Kent.

County fair exhibitors shine

Pros, amateurs alike show high level of talent

Most who attend the San Diego County Fair are very familiar with the concert lineup, thrill rides and indulgent fair food, but did you know you can see a 65-million-year-old crocodile head, or a full-sized canoe carved by a high school student?

Cell phone developer honored

Del Mar’s Martin Cooper to get Prince of Asturias award

Without the visionary thinking and tenacity of Martin Cooper, we might still be making phone calls from our cars rather than just about anywhere and everywhere else.

After AT&T developed the car phone in the late 1960s, Cooper directed his development teams at Motorola to think portable and wireless.

Del Mar’s 50th birthday party is July 12

Del Mar is 50-years-old and the community is throwing a birthday bash to celebrate the golden milestone on July 12 from 4:30 to 8 p.m. at Powerhouse Park.

Solana Beach City Council to withdraw land-use proposal

Coastal Commission likely to deny request; city plans to regroup

Solana Beach’s innovative plan to manage development along the beach and bluffs continues to move forward, but more slowly than anticipated due to ongoing resistance from the California Coastal Commission.

Wounded troops rehabilitate in Del Mar surf

Looking at 23-year-old Elmer Ugarte waxing his surfboard outside the 17th Street Del Mar Lifeguard Station, you wouldn’t know a sniper shot him in the chest while he was patrolling in Iraq two years ago.

Some say power line formula is flawed

Undergrounding charge based on lot frontage

A small group of residents is raising concerns about the process for undergrounding utility lines in the northeast area of town known as the Sunset Undergrounding District.
Residents Bill Lewis and Don Smith said the formula the city uses to generate assessments for each property’s share to put overhead utility lines underground is flawed and unfair for the Sunset district because of the oddly shaped parcels and hilly topography.

Del Mar City Council declares Stage 2 drought

The Del Mar City Council declared a Stage Two drought alert to raise awareness about mandatory water restrictions and encourage all residents to conserve more water.

Del Mar City Council adopts balanced, but tight, budget

The Del Mar City Council formally adopted the city’s budget for the next two fiscal years on June 22.

“It’s quite extraordinary we have a balanced budget on time,” said Deputy Mayor Richard Earnest. “Not a lot of governments can actually claim that.”