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Divorce Settlements: Who Gets Custody of the Pet?


By Nancy Bickford Certified Family Law Specialist in San Diego Two years ago, Shannon Louise Travis bought mini dachshund Joey as a 10-week-old puppy from a pet store and gave him to her then-girlfriend, Tricia Bridget Murray, as a gift. Now, after one year of marriage Travis and Murray are getting a divorce. According [...]

Ford 2013 Escape Recall Information: Consumer Info & Recommended Steps

Recall attorney in San Diego discusses the 2013 Ford Escape.

By Michael Pines, Accident & Injury Prevention Expert Owners of the latest 2013 Ford Escape crossovers are urged to take the next steps to prevent accident and injury following the automaker’s latest recall. According to New York Times, Ford is recalling about 140,000 vehicles in the United States because of a potential fire hazard. The [...]

Healthy Choices Promote Academic Success


By Kevin Yaley, Francis Parker School Last year, the government unveiled new nutritional standards in support of increased student health and wellness as recent studies reinforce the critical role nutrition plays in promoting better learning in students. The Wellness Impact: Enhancing Academic Success Through Healthy School Environments highlights the critical importance of improved nutrition and physical activity [...]

Geriatric Care Managers Lighten the Caregiving Load


By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM, INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS “Taking care of my elderly father, with his complicated medical care, has become more than I can handle,” a reader wrote in to Harvard professor and physician Dr. Anthony Komaroff’s medical advice column. The reader continued, “A friend suggested I hire a geriatric-care manager. [...]

Report: Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Settle Divorce Following Two-Year Stall Over Money

Divorce Attorney in La Jolla

By Nancy Bickford, Bickford Law Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can certainly stall a divorce. According to the latest reports, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have finally settled their divorce after two years of financial negotiations.  Sources say both remain “satisfied” with the final outcome. Kutcher, 35, and Moore, 50, were married in [...]

Could You Be Driving ‘Drunk’ and Not Know It?

Car accident attorney in San Diego discusses driving while tired.

By Michael Pines, Accident & Injury Prevention Expert Alarm clock. Tired. Bad mood. Shower. Head to work. If that sounds familiar, you join the millions of Americans who wake up groggy, annoyed and simply just too tired. Blame it on Jay Leno, the iPad or your worrying mind – either way, sleep is hard to [...]

The Khloe Kardashian Divorce: On Overcoming Fear During Separation

Divorce Attorney in Del Mar

By Nancy Bickford Certified Family Law Specialist in San Diego Divorce can be difficult – just take it from anyone who’s gone through it. Custody arrangements, child support, spousal support, real estate division and dealing with mixed emotions are just some of the major factors that come into play when couples decide to separate. [...]

Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego: Seniors Need Social Interaction for Long-Term Health & Well-Being

Geriatric care managers in San Diego discuss the importance of social environments on senior health.

By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM, Innovative Healthcare Consultants It goes without saying that everyone needs social interaction to make the most of a full and happy life. Whether it’s a walk in the park or conversation over a shared meal, sharing our lives is arguably the best part of living. And when [...]

Human Error is Largest Contributor to Poor Child Safety Seat Performance

San Diego Children's Injury Lawyer discusses Child Safety Seats

By Michael Pines, Accident & Injury Prevention Expert The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that car accidents are the leading cause of death for children between the ages of one and 13. Even though we aim to keep our children safe by the use of child car seats and restraints like boosters, human error [...]

REPORT: Geriatric Care Managers Help Families Find Ideal Care in the Face of Alzheimer’s Disease

Geriatric care managers in Del Mar, San Diego, CA

By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM, INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS When we think of Alzheimer’s disease, we don’t often think about how geriatric managers can improve the quality of the lives of those around us. It’s certainly understandable – when Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, it permeates the individual and family in dramatic ways, and we [...]