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The evolving vision of Canyon Crest Academy

Marsha Sutton

The first project at Canyon Crest Academy using newly-approved bond money will take place this summer, to pay for athletic fields and stadium work. Over the next two years, more field and stadium work will be done, costing $20 million.

New taxes and local bond won’t ease San Dieguito’s financial uncertainty

Marsha Sutton

Even after the passage of California’s Proposition 30, which raises taxes primarily for education, the San Dieguito Union High School District still faces a financial crisis.

The link between donors and contracts at San Dieguito

Marsha Sutton

The award to architectural firm Lionakis on Feb. 7 of two San Dieguito Union High School District contracts worth a combined $2.8 million makes Lionakis’ $25,000 donation to San Dieguito’s bond campaign seem, on the surface, suspect.

Overseers selected for San Dieguito schools bond

Marsha Sutton

Although board members for the San Dieguito Union High School District expressed pleasure at the high quality of applicants for a seat on the district’s bond Oversight Committee, there was a dearth of candidates for three of the five required positions.

The spending begins

Marsha Sutton

The current financing schedule for San Dieguito Union High School District’s $449 million Proposition AA bond shows that $160 million Series A bonds will be issued this April, which is about one-third of the total.

Watchdogs wanted to monitor school bond money disbursements

Marsha Sutton

There are thousands of people residing within the boundaries of the San Dieguito district who’d be very grateful if residents with knowledge and experience would offer their time and expertise to be a watchdog and protect how millions of tax dollars are about to be spent.

Districts to pay millions for new county-wide education finance software

Marsha Sutton

A new Enterprise Resource Planning software system that the San Diego County Office of Education is proposing to install could cost as much as $63 million, half of which SDCOE is asking school districts to fund.

A correction and a call for compromise

Marsha Sutton

My Dec. 20, 2012 column titled “Twenty dead children have to matter” – about the Newtown tragedy and the renewed debate over gun control – elicited reactions across the spectrum that reminded me how far apart we are in our views on the proliferation of guns.

Twenty dead children have to matter

Marsha Sutton

Was there anyone who did not walk around in a daze last Friday, thinking about the children in their lives and how to protect them forever from random acts of incomprehensible violence?The anguish of the parents of those 20 innocent 6- and 7-year-old children gunned down in Connecticut is unimaginable.

The Wrap-Up

Marsha Sutton

The defeat of Proposition CC, Del Mar Union School District’s bond measure, was so close to a victory, thanks to the valiant efforts of supporters, that it can hardly be regarded as a failure. What it indicates is strong support in this district for education and fiscal stability. That it barely failed to reach the 55 percent mark points to easily fixable remedies should the district propose another bond measure in 2014.



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