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Fall in love with autumn’s harvest

Tis the season for hearty veggies with pungent aromas, divine rich flavors and interesting back stories to dial-up your dishes and answer your culinary curiosities

Fig Out this Fall


The season is short and sweet for fresh and fragrant figs

How ’bout them apples?


The baseball playoffs, crisp cooler climes, and the invasion of apples at groceries and farmer’s markets are the herald of autumn

In the Battle of the Bulge: Slow and steady wins the diet race


We have become a nation enamored with fad and trendy diets for decades

Sow some wild oats this fall

While scoping out new seasonal products in the supermarket this week, a fellow shopper approached me as I was intently examining a label, giving an aura of gastronomic expertise.

Breakfast‘s an epiphany, so discover marvelous morning meals

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, and dinner like a pauper.”

Wing it with National Chicken Month


September is National Chicken month

When the school bell rings, it’s time for eating smart

Date Sandwiches

When Wilma Flintstone and I were classmates at Bedrock Elementary School, au courant lunches consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Wonder white, a Red Delicious apple coated with wax and pesticides, and a Twinkie all stuffed in an aluminum Donny Osmond lunchbox

Let’s all Scream for Ice Cream!


Ice cream has evolved from its purist period of jerk-scooped service with mono-textures and limited flavors that could be counted on one hand with fingers left over to the present day explosion of both the former and latter.

Get the best out of flip flop food phenomenon this summer

A kitschy summer food trend I’ve noticed the past couple of seasons is a reversal of traditional hot and cold dishes: soups of all kinds are served chilled while assorted salads have warm, wilted or grilled components.



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