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Kitchen Shrink: The Last Supper: Romancing the Titanic’s Centennial

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One hundred years ago on a chilly evening of April 14, 721 third-class passengers were having a jolly High Tea on the F Deck in their spartan saloon in “steerage”; 285 wayfarers were enjoying a hearty-yet-elegant meal in the second-class saloon; and 337 first-class passengers (including business magnate John Jacob Astor IV and socialite/philanthropist Molly Brown) all bedecked in extravagant bling, beaded evening gowns and crisp white tuxes as cool as the icy waters of the North Atlantic, were luxuriating in the first-class dining room on the R.M.S. Titanic for a 10-course gustatory orgy.

Kitchen Shrink: Celebrate spring with the foods of April’s festivals


Food is the cornerstone of seasonal celebrations expressed in its preparation, rituals and communal consumption enjoyed among family and beloved friends.

Kitchen Shrink: April Fools’ wacky food stories: True or False?

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Spring fever seems to trigger light-hearted celebrations and other acts of tomfoolery. Many cultures around the world launch the season with shenanigans, starting with the Romans who created a festival they belovedly named Hilaria on March 25, rejoicing in the resurrection of Attis.

Kitchen Shrink: Eat, drink ‘green’ on St. Patrick’s


For all you hibernophiles out there – Irish lovers of whom we have 40 million in this country — join in the fun.

Quinoa: It’s the old/new gluten-free super grain!

A plant food source like quinoa is neither fish nor fowl, making it a ticklish task to label its status. This supergrain is like a combo plate with various quantities of both protein and carbs.

Kitchen Shrink: Hamantaschen is a Purim (or anytime) favorite


Most Jewish holidays are based on the tenet — the enemy tried to kill us, we survived, now, let’s eat!

Kitchen Shrink: Counter Culture: The tip jar and you

They’re popping up everywhere from the counters in coffeehouses, sandwich and frozen yoghurt shops to bakeries, bagel and donut joints. What’s the deal with those ubiquitous kitschy tip jars?

Aquarium hosts a green bash over the blue Pacific


When the Scripps Birch Aquarium partners with Waters Fine Catering for an event, you get a divine, sustainable soiree with killer ambience overlooking the blue Pacific.

Good bets on Opening Day: Foods for a gambling edge at the track

Southwest Seafood Cocktail

Here’s a primer on racetrack eats to give you an edge as you approach the betting window — especially on opening day, July 20.

‘Sustainable’ foodies break bread together at La Jolla garden party

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Last week’s locavore summer soiree, “A Berry Good Night,” hosted at Michelle Lerach’s jaw-dropping La Jolla estate and organic garden with sweeping views of the Pacific, had a guest list that read like a Who’s Who of sustainable foodies.



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