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Geriatric Care Managers Lighten the Caregiving Load


By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM, INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS “Taking care of my elderly father, with his complicated medical care, has become more than I can handle,” a reader wrote in to Harvard professor and physician Dr. Anthony Komaroff’s medical advice column. The reader continued, “A friend suggested I hire a geriatric-care manager. [...]

Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego: Seniors Need Social Interaction for Long-Term Health & Well-Being

Geriatric care managers in San Diego discuss the importance of social environments on senior health.

By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM, Innovative Healthcare Consultants It goes without saying that everyone needs social interaction to make the most of a full and happy life. Whether it’s a walk in the park or conversation over a shared meal, sharing our lives is arguably the best part of living. And when [...]

REPORT: Geriatric Care Managers Help Families Find Ideal Care in the Face of Alzheimer’s Disease

Geriatric care managers in Del Mar, San Diego, CA

By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM, INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS When we think of Alzheimer’s disease, we don’t often think about how geriatric managers can improve the quality of the lives of those around us. It’s certainly understandable – when Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, it permeates the individual and family in dramatic ways, and we [...]

Improving the Lives of Seniors Through Therapeutic Music, Dance & Art

Geriatric care manager in Del Mar comments on art, music and dance to improve the lives of seniors.

By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM The human brain is a muscle just like any other in our body. When this muscle begins to atrophy through a loss of mental stimulation, memories are fuzzier, sharpness is reduced and our abilities are somewhat dulled. Many experts say this precise decline leads many seniors into [...]

Senior Health: Elderly Urged to Stay Cool, Comfortable in Summer Heat

San Diego Placement Care Agency

By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM Summer heat isn’t merely bothersome – it can actually be very deadly. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hot weather is the #1 weather-related cause of death in the United States. Incredibly, squelching heat claims more lives than all other weather conditions combined including hurricanes, [...]

3 Positive Economic Impacts of Baby Boomers in the U.S.

Elderly Placement Agent in Del Mar

By Colleen Van Horn RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM Baby boomers make up a substantial portion of the U.S. population – nearly 80 million Americans, to be exact. Although some experts say that baby boomers may actually cause a decline in the U.S. economy due to reliance on government services and less spending, others have said [...]

San Diego senior care: as nation ages, nursing homes experience labor shortage

San Diego senior care

Both nationwide and local San Diego senior care organizations face worker shortages in the face of a growing elderly population.

In response to changing economy, more families seek home care services for seniors

Home care services for seniors

More and more people are turning to home care services for seniors as an alternative to assisted living.

Family elder care: identify key points of conflict – and learn how to avoid them

Family elder care

Learn how to avoid conflict when planning family elder care.

Health care for baby boomers poses challenge for families, raises demand for caregivers

Health care for baby boomers

As the population ages, health care for baby boomers will likely fall into the hands of family members and loved ones.



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