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Students can have school choice and boundaries

I attended the recent superintendent’s forum at Canyon Crest Academy, and I think those sorts of opportunities for the district to communicate directly with parents are invaluable.

But I feel it is not necessary to characterize the school choice issue as either we have choice or we have boundaries. That limited, two-sided view is polarizing the situation and now requires a facilitator to solve. You can have both.

Patriotism is in my DNA

Dave Roberts

About a year ago, I told members of the Escondido Rotary Club that I was a 11th-generation American, a descendant of English immigrants who crossed the Atlantic in the early 1600s in search of better lives.

After my speech, a cheerful Rotarian asked whether the name Samuel Roberts meant anything to me. He was one of my great-grandparents, I said. He lived in the colony of Connecticut in the mid-1600s and was a politically connected patriot.

Ark Antiques introduces new logo, prepares for ‘Overflow’ sale Oct. 24-25

The new logo for Ark Antiques.

Ark Antiques is a 501(C)3 nonprofit dedicated to the benefit of animal welfare charities and to raising awareness for humane causes

Nékter Juice Bar, MA+hnasium coming to Del Mar Highlands

Nékter is the second new tenant announced for the shopping center this month

Community service, exploration help open world to Grauer School students

The Grauer School is hosting an open house on Nov. 15. An independent college preparatory school, Grauer teachers use the Socratic model, encouraging questions.

• Open House to be held Nov. 15

Propane Delivery Service delivers to homes, companies, businesses and more

PDS is one of San Diego County’s largest family-owned propane companies and has been serving hundreds of residential homeowners, hotels and restaurants, commercial and industrial businesses for 14 years.

PDS is one of San Diego County’s largest family-owned propane companies and has been serving hundreds of residential homeowners, hotels and restaurants, commercial and industrial businesses for 14 years.

Turf replacement project paying dividends

Dave Roberts

We are loving our new, artificial turf. All 6,000 square feet of it.

Earlier this month, the front and back yards of our Solana Beach home bustled with activity as crews ripped out a very-thirsty lawn and replaced it with nice, artificial turf that looks so real that you wouldn’t know it’s fake until you run your fingers through it.

Recent spotlight on domestic violence brings up questions

The news regularly reminds us that we live in a violent world. Ever since Europeans colonized America, violence has been glorified and its consequences minimized. From movies about the Wild West to “Roadrunner” cartoons to NFL and ESPN highlight videos of “best hits” to violent video games and rap music lyrics, we have become numb to the results of physical aggression. Until the past few months!

Disturbing videos of partner violence and violence towards a child by a professional athlete have understandably horrified people. Although most of us suspected that domestic violence occurred in some homes, seeing the evidence has created a groundswell of disgust.

Fair Trade Décor proud to be part of trade federation protecting artisans

A colorful variety of wares at Fair Trade Décor in Del Mar, from hand-woven baskets to handcrafted soaps.

Del Mar shop scheduling October events to increase awareness, promote wares

New county program to help at-risk youth

Dave Roberts

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

That’s the adage, coined by none other than Benjamin Franklin. Considering that he lived until age 84 and he lived at a time when few effective medicines were available to fight all manner of disease, he must have known what he was talking about.



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