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Signs that your child is struggling in school

frustrated boy

The work at the Therapeutic Literacy Center is done one-to-one with students and focuses on teaching, strengthening, and developing those skills that lead to independent, academic success.

Students at The Grauer School learn in and beyond the classroom

Natalie Brooks (right) in Tanzania.  Courtesy photo

During the wet season when animals are not always available, the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania rely on honey, fruits and vegetables. Through a series of whistles, the honey-guide bird leads the honey hunter to the beehive where he pounds wooden pegs into the tree trunk, climbs to the top where the hive is located, chops into the tree to expose the hive, smokes it out, and retrieves honey for his tribe and the honey-guide bird.

United Coins and Precious Metals owner offers more than 30 years of experience as an investor and collector in his field

Peter Kevorkian

A coin collector since he was a child, Peter Kevorkian began purchasing ads in coin publications when he was just 12 years old. As the owner of La Jolla-based United Coin and Precious Metals, he now buys and sells gold, silver and platinum bullion, coins and jewelry.

Mossy BMW of Vista celebrating anniversary with special offers, services

328 Diesel

New 3 Series Diesel recently introduced

Arcana Empothecary offers personal, holistic approach to health in Carmel Valley

James Mattioda

Growing up in a small Illinois town, Dr. James Mattioda said his local pharmacist knew everyone by name. Mattioda wanted to bring the small-town feel to this community when he opened Arcana Empothecary a few years ago.

Carmel Valley woman’s boutiques bring designer fashions to North County

Tobi Blatt. Photo by Kristina Houck

When Tobi Blatt moved from Beverly Hills to Carmel Valley 20 years ago, she had trouble finding stores that offered trendy clothing and accessories.

George Athan leads the team creating Audi fans

George Athan III

When George Athan III graduated from the University of Southern California in 1994, he took a job selling cars in Kansas City, figuring it would be a good summer job. Now, nearly 20 years later, he’s still in the business as an equity owner and general manager of Audi San Diego.

New Cardiac Fitness and Weight Loss clinic offers Bod Pod

The Bod Pod.

The Bod Pod, the most technologically advanced device for measuring body fat and lean mass, is one of the featured tools of Dr. Marian Holland’s new Cardiac Fitness and Weight Loss clinic off Carmel Valley Road.

Longtime Carmel Valley restaurant Villa Capri more popular than ever

Eatery now offering ‘family-style meals’ on Sunday nights

Ubuntu Hair Studio in Solana Beach makes an international impact thanks to local generosity

Serena Jenichs on her trip to Guatemala.

Gratuities Build Bottle Schools in Guatemala



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