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Let community in on expansion plans for Del Mar Highlands Town Center

I read with interest your recent article about the “frustrating parking conditions” at Del Mar Highlands Town Center (DMHTC). All of us have endured the increasingly unpleasant and even dangerous conditions there. What interests me most, however, is that Elizabeth Schreiber of Donahue Schriber, DMHTC’s owner and general manager, acknowledged only in part what is [...]

Due diligence on tree issue missing

I perused the Jan. 30 article, “Del Mar removes Loren Nancarrow memorial bench,” regarding the brouhaha of the dog-bone shaped bench and how the vigilant city of Del Mar is out to rectify this unholy act, leaving no stone (bench) unturned to do everything according to Hoyle and find the offending person who placed said [...]

Mayor’s view

February begins with lots of activity in Del Mar.

Prop B would protect our community rights

We have been residents of Solana Beach since 1958, and we have watched our community grow into a fine city.  We were instrumental in supporting the reconstruction of the Fletcher Cove Community Center.  We remember when it was used for private events such as weddings and other gatherings. We are disappointed that the City Council [...]

Wake up, citizens of Solana Beach

When Proposition B has been decided by the upcoming election, there will be one of two results. You, the taxpayers of Solana Beach, will be able to rent your Fletcher Cove Community Center for a reception or celebration with reasonable conditions and common-sense safeguards for any unlikely misuse.  The city manager will have a permitting [...]

Do changes to Prop B really require additional votes by the people?

Much has been written about the fact that California State Code mandates that change to an initiative requires another vote by the people.  But is this really a problem?  With Prop B, there is only one issue that could require a subsequent vote: that is if the Solana Beach City Council were to decide to [...]

We were wrong

When the proponents of Proposition B came to our home they claimed that the Fletcher Community Center was not utilized at all and people were not able to rent the facility to have family parties.  We signed immediately in favor to correct this “mistake” as we thought the purpose was commendable.   We continued our [...]

SB City Council policy designed to work for all people, not a chosen few

In regard to the Solana Beach election and Proposition B: The literature I have received in the mail from the group that calls itself “Citizens for Solana Beach” continues to make me shake my head and feel upset to my stomach. Each claim made by this organization is untruthful and misleading. The most recent flier [...]

Who is the philanthropist backing Prop B?

The U-T identified Peter House as the philanthropist who was the major contributor to the Fletcher Cove Community Center and who underwrote the creation of Overlook Park south of the community center.  In addition to those contributions, he has also given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city of Solana Beach for various other [...]

Prop B would remove responsible oversight of the FCCC by any City Council

I have served on the Solana Beach City Council for nearly 20 years. During that time I’ve worked hard to protect the quality of life of residents living in all of our neighborhoods. It is the City Council’s responsibility to minimize negative impacts from all proposed projects — whether the impacts are from an incompatible [...]



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