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Prop B: Let’s move forward and see how new policy works

Prop B, the Fletcher Cove usage initiative, is now history.  One side wanted to continue the City Council experiment, with its cautious set of detailed, specific restrictions.  The Prop B side wanted a permanent, more open policy, relying on current regulations and the special permit process. After the Prop B petition was submitted,  the City [...]

To your health: Proton Therapy arrives in San Diego – What does it mean?

In February 2014, San Diego County’s first proton treatment center opened its doors for patient care. Carl Rossi, M.D., medical director of the Scripps Proton Therapy Center, offers a glimpse into how this advanced treatment can benefit cancer patients.

Q: What makes proton therapy different from other current forms of radiation?

A: Proton therapy is the most precise form of radiation treatment available today. Conventional X-ray treatment beams penetrate well beyond the tumor, but protons can be controlled to conform precisely to the shape of the tumor and to release most of their energy within the tumor. Protons stop where the tumor stops.

Strip Mall vs. Main Street

The strip mall is dead.

I recently read an article that started out with the sentence…“The American landscape is littered with the decaying corpses of strip malls.” For decades, the strip mall has been characterized by a series of stores connected in a linear fashion and anchored in a sea of surface parking. The strip mall concept grew as our dependency on the automobile grew and as this happened, communities were stripped of once thriving main street cores and public gathering places. Today, the strip malls are marked by cookie-cutter aesthetics, congested parking lots, traffic problems and unsafe walking conditions for pedestrians. But communities are now seeking to move back to a time of vibrant social interaction and spaces that emphasize people over cars.

San Dieguito Union High School District Superintendent Rick Schmitt’s Monthly Update

In my fall update I discussed some of the significant changes being made to standardized testing in California. We, along with school districts across California, are participating in a field test of a modern assessment system designed to help shape teaching and learning in the classroom. Known as the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress – or CAASPP – these computer-based tests replace the STAR program. These tests are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English and math, which the State Board of Education in California adopted in 2010 to describe what knowledge and skills students need to be well prepared for college and careers, no matter where they come from or where they live.

Inconsiderate behavior: Allowing unleashed dogs to defecate on a resident’s property

Many years ago, after observing a neighbor watch his unleashed dog do its business in my front yard on several occasions, I asked that he pick up after his dog. I had observed this same person watching his unleashed dog foul other neighbors’ yards. Several times I found bags of pet waste in my trash [...]

Buying political power in Solana Beach

I am compelled to respond to Kathalyn Nelson’s letter in this paper (Feb 6). No matter how you voted on Prop B, you should be troubled by the “new normal” of politics in Solana Beach, particularly the very large sums of money now being spent on campaigns. An example is the untold amount of money [...]

What’s in a Del Mar name?

I see that the Del Mar Heights Village shopping center has been renamed “Beachside Del Mar,” even though it is not beside the beach and not in the City of Del Mar (“by the sea”). This kind of location fudging is an old tradition in this area. The Old Del Mar Café at Flower Hill was not old and was not in Del Mar.

Rant with Randi: The Evolution of Prejudice

Randi Crawford

We have lost the opportunity to be a great individual in this country and I’m going to use a recent example to make my point. It used to be that you hated me for my color, religion, gender or sexual preference. Today, you love me and show deference for the same reason. Whatever happened to letting me be me and you liking or hating me because of me? I believe that we’ve overcorrected for our sins of the past.

San Diego Mayor’s Update

Thank you to all who joined me last month when I presented the annual State of the City Address. When I walked on stage and looked out to the audience assembled in the historic Balboa Theatre, I was again humbled by the support shown by San Diegans.

‘Scientific fact?’

In a recent editorial Marsha Sutton wrote about controversies surrounding the theory of evolution.



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