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Bench dedication removed: What’s wrong with this picture?

I recently heard about the bench dedicated to the memory of Loren Nancarrow placed by someone at Dog Beach and the plans to remove the bench because it’s in a path. Hopefully, there can be a workaround. The city of San Diego declared Jan. 28 as “Loren Nancarrow Day” and the city of Del Mar removes a memorial bench. What’s wrong with this picture?

We all love Solana Beach!

Yard signs posted by the proponents of Prop B read “We love Solana Beach.” Let’s just be clear — we all love Solana Beach regardless of our position on Prop B! Loving Solana Beach is not the issue. The real issue is that, because we all love our city, we all want access to its amenities — including the Fletcher Cove Community Center and the area surrounding it. Who will have access to that scenic area? Who will be allowed to enjoy those spectacular sunsets from the top of the bluffs north of Fletcher Cove? On weekends will those benefits be used only by guests at private parties in roped-off areas or will access be open to all of us as it has been for many years?

Let’s be reasonable

After living happily in Solana Beach since 1978, I am now deeply concerned about the divisions that exist regarding the use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center. Our strength is our ability to come together for the benefit of all of our citizens.

Why waste $190,000?

That the Solana Beach City Council made the decision to hold a special election for Prop B at a cost of about $200,000 was astounding for two reasons. First, they used taxpayer dollars to pay for an independent analysis of the proposition by one of the most respected law firms in the San Diego area, and then completely ignored the report’s conclusions that the proposition:

Vote against Prop B ‘is supported by facts and documentation’

Is it true that Prop B exposes Solana Beach to significant liability for expensive lawsuits? You betcha. A few minutes of homework leads to our City Attorney’s written comments regarding this very issue. In a formal response to the Elections Code Section 9212 Report, our City Attorney lists several legal challenges that the City anticipates could occur, including Equal Protection, Administration of the Permit, Land Use and Vagueness of Nominal Fee, to name just a few. The City Attorney then clearly states, “Any legal challenges to the Measure… would have to be defended and paid for by the City” and concludes by saying that there could be significant impacts if Prop B is enacted. The important thing for Solana Beach voters to remember is that the vote “No” on Prop B position is supported by facts and documentation, not rhetoric.
Kelly Harless
Solana Beach

Some things never change

The longer you’re around Solana Beach the more things stay the same.

In 2006, there was a vote questioning their decision on “anti-mansionization;” it was called Prop. A. Now there’s Prop. B, because the council wouldn’t do the reasonable thing, again. When their actions were questioned with an initiative, they adopted the same political tactics they used in ‘06: erroneous statements, scare tactics and gross exaggerations.

Prop B: Tempest in a Teapot

I have followed the shenanigans brewing around private party use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center since the dedication ceremony celebrating the remodel of the facility in March 2008. Approximately 80 people attended that event. The FCCC was packed to the gills that day, inside and out, standing room only. As a professional event planner, longtime Solana Beach resident and involved community member, I advocate allowing Solana Beach citizens the right to rent and use the facility for private events. In fact, my name was included on the initial request encouraging our City Council to allow use of the FCCC for private events. However, I cannot support the flawed and ill-conceived Prop B.

Untangle the tangled on the Fletcher Cove Community Center

This needs to be untangled:

Who closed the Fletcher Cove Community Center because of its deteriorated condition?

Who asked the community to donate toward the renovation and remodeling?

Who took more than two years to decide on a permit for uses at the community center?

Who arbitrarily changed the rules at the community center for the use permit?

Prop B: Bad law, bad values

Many Solana Beach residents are asking, “Why so much controversy over a community center?” The answer is simple: This is about more than a community center; it’s about our community values!

Our city stands for preserving community character, balancing diverse needs within our neighborhoods, and acting with honesty, integrity and transparency. It is disturbing that we need to spend $200,000 on a special election, but more troubling are the false and misleading actions taken by a few residents who forced the expenditure and cast blame on others. Our values define who we are.

Fix Congress First

Tired of Members of Congress passing laws for us to live under, but exempting themselves?

Now more than ever before, we need a Congress that works for us – not the other way around.



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