Ten Questions: Doug Kinnear has something to say

Public speaker Doug Kinnear was born and raised on military bases such as NAS Miramar and NAS North Island in the backdrop of the Vietnam War. Being the youngest of six and moving all the time made it a huge advantage to have a quick wit and be able to talk endlessly on a wide variety of topics.

Kinnear thoroughly loved San Diego before moving to Virginia to attend prep school and college, where he skateboarded to class, played guitar in a rock band and talked like he was from another country (faaaarrrr out dude!).

After 23 years of working in logistics, graphic arts and construction in Virginia, Hawaii and Florida, Kinnear moved to Solana Beach in 2003 to find paradise, his dream girl, his family and a meaningful career in public speaking. The last five years have been spent attending Del Mar Toastmasters and distilling a lifetime of research into a book called "The Handbook of How It Is."

He calls himself a "progressive motivational speaker" because he is concerned with making progress as a human race by rapidly solving our biggest challenges and presenting healthful opportunities for young people to work hard, be creative and excel.

What brought you to Solana Beach?

When I used to visit Solana Beach and Del Mar as a kid, the people were always happy. My mother, Dusty, brothers Kevin and Kim and sisters Kandace and Holley all loved living in this town, plus every major motivational speaker is from this area, including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Denis Waitley and others.

What makes Solana Beach special to you?

The most special part of Solana Beach to me is the Fletcher Cove Beach Park that used to be just "Pill Box" - a parking lot with restrooms in the middle. This location has been transformed into a place were community meets, children play and mutual enjoyment occurs on a daily basis.

My mother (among several others) helped artist Betsy Shultz with the installation of her instructive oceanic tile work there, including a memorial for two of my brothers. The other part of Solana Beach that is amazing to me is the Belly Up Tavern, where national and upcoming musical acts come to play for an enthusiastic, intimate audience. What a treat!

If you could snap your fingers and have it done, what might you add, subtract or improve in Solana Beach?

I would like to see the north part of Cedros Avenue fulfill its potential as a continuation of the eclectic and charming market and art place that is Cedros Avenue South. My brother Kim worked at the Trios Gallery for more than a decade, and now that they have moved to the north side of Cedros, I have noticed there is much opportunity for improvements in this area. People love to walk by attractive storefronts and visit interesting shops, so things done to facilitate this will get the business up there and really help Solana Beach.

Who or what inspires you?



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