Del Mar again criticized by 22nd District Agricultural Association members

The Del Mar Fairgrounds
The Del Mar Fairgrounds

By Marlena Chavira-Medford/Staff Writer

Del Mar’s plan to buy the fairgrounds and racetrack from the state for $120 million is “a moving target” and “crazy,” according to 22nd District Agricultural Association (22nd DAA) Vice President Adam Day, who made those comments after hearing a presentation from Del Mar Councilman Mark Filanc during the Dec. 28 DAA board meeting.

Filanc addressed the board to reiterate Del Mar’s intentions for wanting to buy the property, a sale that is contingent on state legislation that was introduced last month. Day called that possible sale illegal, saying that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger “never followed the law when he authorized this sale because he did not pass a bill,” and adding that current “Governor Jerry Brown has said he does not publically support the sale of public assets.” Day also, in no plain terms, told Filanc he disapproved of Del Mar’s dealings, criticizing the council for not releasing details about the sale and for negotiating some of its terms behind closed doors.

“The more you pull back the surface the more it reeks of maggots because there is so much filth going on,” Day said.

Filanc responded, calling that decorum out of line.

“I thought this board was above that,” Filanc said. “I thought it was highly inappropriate.”

Del Mar resident Jacqueline Winters spoke out against Day’s comment, calling it “intemperate language” and saying he was “not worthy of holding a state-appointed position.”

“I believe you should resign,” she told Day, and then added “or, at a minimum, apologize to councilman Filanc, who was elected in a democratic process.”

Barry Nussbaum, 22nd DAA president, responded by saying he felt Day did not need to apologize because no personal attacks had been made. Instead, he said Day was commenting on Del Mar’s behavior as a whole, which the 22nd DAA board found troubling.



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