Trust, communication key to success at Ina Wealth Management Group

By Karen Billing

Staff Writer

When Richard Ina read a statistic online that seven out of 10 individuals would be willing to leave their financial advisor, he found it disturbing. The senior vice president of investments for Ina Wealth Management Group, at Carmel Valley’s UBS office, prides himself in treating his clients so well that they would never leave.

Richard Ina

“We are a trustworthy alternative because we spend so much time educating and communicating with our clients, that’s how we build trust,” Ina said. “That’s what separates us, the element of trust and communication.”

He said not many advisors would feel comfortable putting all of their clients in a room together like Ina’s group does with their client appreciation events. He is confident that all of their clients feel taken care of and wouldn’t complain about the way they have been handled.

When coming aboard with Ina Wealth Management, each person receives a “Client First” checklist, a list of 25 things Ina Wealth Management does that they feel other advisors don’t.

“We have a very sophisticated investment management style that tends to do well in up and down markets,” Ina said.

Ina, originally from Ohio, has been in the financial services industry for 23 years, previously at Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney before moving to San Diego seven years ago. He came to UBS in San Diego and many of his Cleveland clients followed him. With a team of seven people, the group caters to clients all over the country –they’ve been at their Carmel Valley location for the last three months, moving to the area from Rancho Bernardo.

Ina usually finds himself working very hard for his clients — he is usually in the office by 5 a.m., even on Saturdays, and often leaves his desk late.

“There’s no replacement for hard work. There’s so much research that comes past my desk that I have to put in the time,” Ina said. “It’s really my passion. It’s so important that you are absolutely passionate about what you do.”

The majority of their clients are higher net worth individuals and small business owners, with $1 million or more. Ina’s clients are from all different walks of life, from winning the lottery to a man who cleans industrial chemical tanks.

“These clients are already wealthy, they are not interested in swinging for the fences, they want to hit singles and doubles every year,” said Ina. “They want the best and we focus on helping them reach their dreams, goals and all the things they’re trying to do in life.”

Services they provide include improving investment management, lowering volatility, transferring of wealth, retirement planning, insurance, and even educating client’s children, teaching them at a young age how to treat money effectively. They help clients with all aspects of wealth management, Ina said, really trying to change their lives for the better.

Ina will be the first to admit that being an advisor in these turbulent economic times has been a challenge.

“I’ve seen many changes in our industry in the last few years that has certainly tested my mettle,” said Ina.

Despite the economic downturn, Ina has seen his client base double in the last three years. He attributes that growth to his group’s constant communication, trust and capabilities—he believes his clients represent that three out of 10 who would not be willing to leave their advisor.

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  1. Ina Wealth Management Group is located at 12220 El Camino Real, suite 400.


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