Opinion: Open letter to President Barack Obama

April 3, 2011

President Barack Obama

The White House

Dear President Obama:

As you crank up your campaign for re-election, please delete me from your volunteer roll. I will not be calling and walking for you as I did in 2008. I will not be donating either. My priorities have not shifted.

Yours have. We are out of alignment. And, the fault is because you are mute on climate change and global warming, the gravest threat to humanity. There are thousands like me as well. I know this for a fact as an activist in this country. I am a community organizer.

The good news is this could all change. What would it take? Simple. Just open the dialog publicly with the leading national scientist on climate change, Dr. James Hansen. Hold a few public meetings. Include congressional leadership with Dr. Hansen, Dr. Chu and others who know the science of global warming and can demonstrate proven impacts. Help the public to get the facts, not the spin from a few oil-soaked politicians like the cretin, Senator James Inofe. Recall the meeting to resolve the health care impasse?

That was an excellent format where you excelled. A White House conference on the “Science and Truth of Climate Change” with your attendance would be an excellent start.

In short, my life’s work is an effort to reverse the historical use of the atmosphere as a sewer for emissions. I will build solar farms. I will donate to save forests in Ecuador. I will work with my fellow citizens to make Solana Beach a low-carbon community and reach its goal of becoming a zero-waste and zero-emission city of California. I will walk the talk … and, talk about “Storms of My Grandchildren,” a book of monumental importance by our country’s greatest scientist, Dr. James Hansen.

Don’t get me wrong here. The Obama administration has gone farther faster than every administration since Carter to stimulate renewable energy production, to wean our dependency on oil, and to demand greater energy efficiency from every sector. Your administration is on solid footing by increasing R&D to stimulate discovery of renewable energy technologies and applications. All good things, but there is no personal dialogue about the raison d’etre.

When you choose to personally walk the talk of a planet in peril so eloquently voiced during the campaign of 2008, I will be there with you all the way in 2012.


Lane W. Sharman Jr.

Solana Beach Community Activist; Founder, Borrego Water Exchange & Solana Energy



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