Carmel Valley area planning group creates panel to study redistricting

By Suzanne Evans


The Del Mar Mesa board discussed April 14 a possible change in scope of Sherri Lightner’s District One (including Carmel Valley, Del Mar Mesa, Pacific Highlands Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, and La Jolla, among other areas) as a result of the upcoming redistricting process that includes the addition of a ninth district.

In an effort to evenly balance district populations based on the federal census, every 10 years the city is required to redistrict. This could result in certain district boundaries changing. For example, District One could combine with another district, whose scope may be different.

Board member Lisa Ross said she favors “communities of interest staying together.” If Carmel Valley is combined with another district not involved in coastal interests and land planning, it could be complicated, she said.

“It’s a complicated issue, full of gray areas” of possible combinations that could be the “source of lawsuits,” Mesa board vice chair Elizabeth Rabbitt cautioned. Chair Gary Levitt agreed with Ross’s suggestion that the board form a sub-committee to meet soon and study the redistricting process.

Council District 1 representative Mel Milstein said that a District One Redistricting Commission public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11, in the La Jolla Library Community Room at 7555 Draper Avenue, La Jolla, 92037.

Public hearings will also be held in April and May in each of the eight existing council districts. The commission will propose a pre– and post-hearings redistricting map.

In June, the Redistricting Advisory Commission will prepare a report to the County Board of Supervisors (which has the final say on district boundaries) that will include up to three proposed plans, according to Supervisor Pam-Slater Price in her monthly newsletter. The county Board of Supervisors will hold its own public hearing, followed by introduction and adoption of a redistricting plan that will take effect in early September.

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