Local service dog rescued by motorist but not returned to owner

A service dog was rescued from the side of Interstate 5, but it still hasn’t been returned to its owner, despite the fact that it was wearing ID tags with contact information listed.


Rose, a 9-month-old purebred Australian shepherd, was with her owner Whitney Engle at the coin laundry on Del Mar Heights Road the night of Saturday, April 16. A man entered and startled the dog, causing it to run out the door.

Engle, who uses the service dog to help ease her anxiety, said she searched for Rose that night to no avail. She also posted fliers and created a Facebook page, “Rose Australian Shepherd.” Engle later received word that a California Highway Patrol officer and another motorist had seen Rose walking along Interstate-5 the night she went missing. Both said they saw someone pull over and pick Rose up, but nobody ever contacted Engle to return the dog.

The CHP officer told Engler he didn’t take down any information about the person who picked up Rose on the freeway because he assumed it was the owner or a friend.

Engle said there is a reward for Rose’s return, adding that several people in the community have offered to help, though she will not say how much money she’s offering at this point.

Rose is roughly 50 pounds with a brown and white long-haired coat. She has freckles on her nose and no tail. Anyone with information is asked to call 858-210-1089.



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