Opinion: A gun store in Solana Beach?

By Lila Scarlato

It is not because of employment opportunities, cultural diversity, or affordability of...well, anything that I choose to live in Solana Beach. It is the mild weather of San Diego, the ability to have an active lifestyle year-round and the safe and family-friendly neighborhood that keeps me here. So for those of us who prioritize our health and our children's well-being over everything else, the appearance of a gun store in Solana Beach is unwelcome. Instead of promoting Solana Beach as an ideal venue for new restaurants and grocery stores with farm-to-table and organic visions, we say yes to a gun store? Right next to a gymnastics center, ballet school and acting studio where children come and go regularly?

I hate to bring up salaries, but the compensation of our city officials goes well into the six figures, not to mention the 250K+ salary of the city manager. For this kind of compensation, I would expect that they would be working hard to make our city attractive to restaurateurs and progressive businesses looking for North County venues.

As Encinitas, Cardiff and Del Mar embrace progress, Solana Beach can boast the presence of a shiny new gun store. Of course , we have banned smoking at the beach. However, this is somewhat unenforceable — I see people smoking all the time. Maybe I should make a citizen’s arrest? But what if they pull out a gun? Maybe I should visit my convenient neighborhood gun store.



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