Carmel Valley Middle School Science Olympiad team places second at regional competition

Carmel Valley Middle School’s Science Olympiad team held a pizza party on Feb. 11 to celebrate finishing second in the San Diego Regional Competition. The team of 90 students earned a spot to compete in the state competition on April 8 in Anaheim.

For the second year in a row, CVMS had participants organized into six teams of 15 students each. Six of the top 11 teams at the competition were from CVMS and Carmel Valley received a first, second or third place medal in 16 of the 23 events.

Parents Bryan and Amanda Chin coordinated this year’s team and a strong group of parent volunteers have prepped the students for competition since October.

“It’s just a shining example of what Carmel Valley is, what can happen when parents really get involved,” said parent Yu Yu Lim.

Several local businesses chipped in to help reward the students for their accomplishments with coupons for free meals. Red Robin, Einstein Bros Bagels and Soup Plantation all participated. Ralph’s donated a gift card used to buy drinks for the pizza party and the Doubletree Hotel gave its signature cookies for dessert.

Some award winners include:

First Place Medals

Nammi Baru, Kelsey Chen, Robert Francis (2), Geraint Hughes, Sonia Kapil, Alice Schweiger, Julia Yang

Second Place Medals

Eric Chen (2), Grace Chen, Nathan Chen, Tracy Chin, Kevin Ding, Geraint Hughes, Ryan Hund, Jane Lee, Seung Lee, Chris Lu, Vincent Ma, Victoria Ouyang, Andrew Plewe, Tanvi Shah, Neil Wang, Ryan Zhan

Third Place Medals

Minho Bae, Grace Chen (3), Zachary Cheung, Jerry Jin, Alexander Kabalnov, Jane Lee, Razina Pathan (2), Hyewon Seong, Kevin Shim, Eric Tang, Louie Zhong

Fourth Place Medals

Zachary Cheung, Tracy Chin, Jerry Jin, Jason Ke, Lois Kim, Dane Malangone, Eshaan Nichani, Yuhong Sun, Akihiro Uno, Wesley Wang, Jessica Williams

Fifth Place Medals

Chris Butler (2), Bryan Chen, Kelsey Chen, Tracy Chin, Ashish Israni, Sonia Kapil, Aisiri Murulidhar, Eshaan Nichani (2), Samarpita Patra, Alice Qu, Alice Schweiger, Kevin Shim, Yuhong Sun, Ivan Valiaev, Neil Wang, Rebecca Wang

Sixth through 10th Place Medals

Kenan Bouzida, Kelsey Chen, Carolyn Chu, Kevin Ding, Robert Francis, Isaac Fu, Erica Guo (2), Hersh Gupta, Lynne Ji (2), Alexander Kabalnov, Seung Lee, Vincent Ma, Dane Malangone, Daria Malangone, Sreeganesh Manoharan, Victoria Ouyang (2), Arun Paturi, Andrew Plewe, Alice Qu, Maya Rao (2), Eric Tang, Aakansha Tyagi, Vasudev Vikram, Neil Wang, Wesley Wang (2), Yisen Wang, Jessica Williams, Ryan Zhan

11th through 20th Place Ribbons

Nammi Baru (2), Eric Chen, Tracy Chin, Abishek Chozhan (2), Jessica Dong (2), Robert Francis, Madhur Gajiwala, Matthew Gleeson (3), Erica Guo, Jong Han (3), Geraint Hughes, Ryan Hund, Jerry Jin, Ashraya Kalavakunta (2), Jason Ke, Joo Young Kim, Meera Kota (2), Nithin Krishnamurthi, Simon Kuang (2), Jane Lee, Seung Lee, Kathie Li, Vincent Ma, Dane Malangone, Daria Malangone, Aisiri Murulidhar, Victoria Ouyang, Priyanka Paintal, Elizabeth Park, Samarpita Patra, Tristan Pollner, Alice Qu, Alice Schweiger, Hyewon Seong (2), Tanvi Shah (2), Samantha Shao, Yuhong Sun, Keshav Tadimeti, Saraaga Tamirisa, Eric Tang, Ivan Valieav, Pratik Varade, Angelina Wang (2), Neil Wang, Rebecca Wang (2), Kevin Xiong (2), Julia Yang (2), Jacqueline Yau, Stephanie Yuan, Louie Zhong (2)

Volunteer coaches from the CVMS community train the students for the individual events. This year's group of dedicated coaches include Tadimeti Rao, Tudor Hughes, Charles Shim, Ken Kuang, Chaitan Baru, Kang Lee, Qun Wei, Rajesh Gupta, Djamal Bouzida, Weilin Wang, Xiaohong Chen, Ki Seok Lee, Ketan Gajiwala, Alex Guo, Xing Ouyang, Sanjay Nichani, Jian-nong Ma, Jesse Shao, Colman Cheung, Cari Hanson, Chozhan Jayachandran, Joe Gleeson, Prasad Kota, Alexey and Lioubov Kabalnov, Ed Schweiger, Kelly Hughes, Weichao Chen, Reena Malangone, Reinhold Pollner, Lijun Jin, Karl Francis, Lianggui Chen, and Nadya Valieava. Parent volunteers also helped with attendance, T-shirts, websites, lunch meetings, competition day meals, and other administrative tasks. These industrious parents include Tong Tang, Cindy Zhan, Li Liu, Purvi Gajiwala, Manoharan Rangaswamy, Chun Qian, Yu Yu Lim, Jukay Lu, and Nita Paintal.



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