Solana Beach raises the environmental bar even higher

By Marlena Chavira-Medford

Staff Writer

The Solana Beach City Council adopted a vision statement Feb. 23 with the goal of working toward becoming a zero waste, zero emissions, and water-wise community.

This is a milestone for Solana Beach, said Lane Sharman, the Clean and Green Committee member who authored the vision statement and has been part of the group working with city staff on this for the past year.

“We’re really proud that the city has taken on the leadership mantle for sustainability,” he said. “It’s great to be in a community that cares so passionately about our biosphere.”

The vision statement outlines several objectives for the city: To work toward becoming a zero-waste community by implementing land-use and policymaking that reduces the use of especially toxic and long-lasting waste, such as harsh chemicals and plastic; to work toward becoming a zero-emissions community by supporting laws that aim to curb pollution, such as AB32; and to work toward becoming a water-wise community by capturing and reusing storm runoff, and recycling non-potable water, whenever possible. City staff will align future codes, regulations, and ordinances with the themes outlined in the vision statement; and work to further efforts to educate Solana Beach youth about the importance of environmentalism.

Sharman said he also hopes that this vision statement will encourage residents to be more considerate of the environment and create a government that supports that effort. Sharman said there are everyday choices many people make without thinking about the long-term ramifications on Earth:

“We take this Styrofoam product and we use it for 90 seconds, and it ends up living in our biosphere for 500 years. Our biosphere is being asked to digest something that’s almost impossible to degrade. That’s nuts,” Sharman said.

Sharman also thanked the members of the Clean and Green Committee, whom he said helped make this vision statement a reality.

“It has been sensationally led by Steve Goetsch, who has an incredible discipline and passion for environmental sustainability,” he said. “The Clean and Green committee is one of the most gratifying and stimulating groups I’ve ever been involved with.”

In other news:

Del Mar Fairgrounds

The Solana Beach City Council authorized city manager David Ott to enter into an agreement with KMA for real estate consulting services not to exceed $35,000. KMA will conduct a third party valuation appraisal review in regards to the proposed sale of the Del Mar Fairgrounds.



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