Perspectives at Moonlight Beach offers variety of artisan pieces

Debra Skinner opened Perspectives at Moonlight Beach last year.
Debra Skinner opened Perspectives at Moonlight Beach last year.

By Karen Billing

Staff Writer

In Perspectives at Moonlight Beach, every item has a story behind it.

There are necklaces made with antique perfume buttons that are more than 100 years old. Back when perfume was oil based, women would wear their fragrance on their buttons, owner Debra Skinner explains. In war time, it became a tradition for the women to pin their buttons to the inside of their departing soldier’s shirt, so he could keep the scent of his loved one close.

The shop’s silken yoga bags are made from recycled saris, from an organization that teaches Indian women to sew, creating sustainable incomes to remove them from a life of domestic abuse.

And the stylish leather-looking bags with the modern grommet details? Not leather, but vegan, actually.

Skinner opened Perspectives in fall 2010 in The Lofts on Highway 101 in Encinitas. The store offers unique finds from her endless “wander looks” for artisans who offer one of a kind, high-quality pieces.

“This is just a new adventure for me,” said Skinner. “It’s really exciting to bring something new to the community.”

Although many pieces in the store are one-of-a-kind, not all come with one-of-a-kind price tags.

“I try to make sure there’s a little bit of everything for everyone,” said Skinner. “I’ve already had people come back and tell me I’ve become their go-to shop and I love that.”

Perspectives is Skinner’s first retail shop. She is an artisan herself, whose studio had always been her dining room table.

“I’m a creative person in my own right,” Skinner said. “The store was about getting my studio off the dining room table, inviting other artisans to celebrate their stories and their craft.”

With Valentine’s Day in mind, Skinner says many of her items would make great gifts. Very popular are the “spirit tiles,” an incredible unique line of pieces made of molten glass on copper, free standing or ready to hang on the wall. Bright images on the front correspond with quotes written around the edges—one reads: “If raindrops were kisses I’d send you a shower,” matching the umbrella toting girl on the tile.

“This particular artisan (Houston Llew of Georgia) has been very well received,” said Skinner. “I love it when an artisan will give me an exclusive.”

She also loves a collection of tiny, sterling silver bells with delicately intricate engravings. The bells can serve as a pendant for a necklace—she sells silver and leather chains.

Every purchase leaves the store in a bag that makes it look like a present.

“I want it to feel like shopping at Perspectives is a special and unique experience,” Skinner said.

Anyone who brings this article into Perspectives will get 25 percent off a single item. Visit the store at 90 N. Pacific Coast Highway 101 in the Lofts, suite 213. For more information, call (614) 657-3032.



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