Carmel Valley author balances spirituality, business, family

By Diane Y. Welch

Staff Writer

Timothy Feuling is a busy man. With three distinct areas of passion, his spirituality, his family, and his business, he strives to use his energy to make his mark in each.


A Carmel Valley resident, and a follower of an Eastern-based religious path, Sant Mat, Feuling prides himself with his relationship with God, with his wife Brooke, and their three children, and with those he engages in business with.

For 15 years he and his father-in-law, a retired chiropractor, have run a successful chiropractic insurance company together. In addition Feuling is active in network marketing, is an impassioned public speaker and has written several books connected with chiropracty.

Each of these engagements has enriched Feuling’s life and brought him to a place where he feels truly blessed spiritually, emotionally and financially, he said. But life wasn’t always that way and in taking stock of his own journey to his current success he wrote a book that he hopes will inspire others to also take charge of their lives and so reap the same rewards.

The book titled, “Unleashed” and subtitled, “Blueprint to Mental, Physical and Financial Wellbeing” has just released through No Limit Publishing. It is Feuling’s fifth authored book. “But this is my first book that truly shares my passion for helping others live a more abundant life,” he said.

About five and half years ago Feuling had a mid-life crisis. “I hit a massive emotional and financial brick wall. I was running too fast trying to keep up with the Joneses, whoever the heck they are!” he said.

Feuling said he needed a new paradigm. “I had done a lot of family neglect, working 14-16 hour days. I neglected myself.” In reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, by author, Robert Kiyosaki, Feuling was inspired to follow a different path, that of network marketing–formerly known as multi-level marketing–and to write his book “Unleashed”. His intention was focused, “I want to help people pick themselves up and start to see how they can be as great as God gave them the ability to be.” In essence to live life without a leash.

The first chapter –Feuling Naked–introduces the reader to Feuling’s formative years. He was a sensitive child, raised in a lower middle class family, in a world that seemed harsh. “I had a lot of adversity as a child. As a youth I attempted suicide, I wasn’t doing well trying to cope with life.” Feuling wanted the reader to relate to him, to know up front that he had gone but that he had become successful, nevertheless. “It’s okay, it’s normal, this is life,” Feuling remarked. Other chapters introduce readers to two new paradigms in business to create multiple income streams: internet marketing and network marketing, particularly in wellness and real estate. “It’s about opening doors to ideas, whether or not that person pokes their head in or walks all the way through, it’s up to them. I never try to change people,” Feuling explained.

The book is timely with the explosion of internet businesses which allows for so much opportunity, said Feuling. And network marketing has always been here. “When you recommend a friend reads a particular book or watches a certain movie, that’s network marketing, we just never get paid for it.”

Feuling says that in effect he is opening up people’s eyes to take a look at something that maybe will add a couple of extra hundred dollars to their monthly income, maybe an extra thousand dollars, “So that you can release the financial belt a little bit more and remove some stress and maybe you won’t get divorced this year. It really comes down to things like this”, he said. “For me this is my kind of Holy Grail of showing the way to answer the question, ‘how the heck do I get myself out of this mess?’”

Timothy Feuling’s book, “Unleashed” may be purchased though his website,

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