Nothing can be done on village revitalization until goals are made clear

Ralph Peck

Del Mar

Monday’s City Council meeting included a report on the several Community Conversation meetings that had been held throughout Del Mar. It seems the residents still want the same non-economical things for Del Mar. I continue to wonder why they chose Del Mar to live.

I congratulate David Druker on his comment at the hearing from the audience at the end of the report, when he suggested the following hadn’t been established — defining the “PROBLEM” and defining the “GOAL.” What a brilliant idea!

As a commercial property owner in the subject area, I had been trying to get some definition of those two subjects for some time, to no avail. What is the current “Problem” with the downtown, other than that we are in a depression and unable to provide all of the sales tax the city wants? What is the definition of a “Pedestrian-friendly,” viable resident-serving commercial area”? What is the “GOAL” the city expects of the commercial property owners? They are the ones that will make it happen!

Property owners have to know what the rules are going to be for any further developing of their properties. Right now, and for the last several years, no one has known what the rules are going to be in the near future, or distant future, even though our General Plan is supposed to tell us what the rules should be.

The problem is that the city is redefining what the General Plan has said what the rules should be for the last 23-plus years, without changing the General Plan! Nobody knows what the rules will be, so nothing can be done!



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