Home Safety Month Prompts Safety Tips for San Diego Households

by Michael Pines, San Diego's Safety Ambassador

Is your home safe? Many households are harboring unsafe chemicals or situations that can lead to

personal injury

, illness, or disease – and you may not even know it.

In honor of National Home Safety Month, I’ll cover the unnoticeable symptoms of an ‘ill’ home that you can fix today. And if it’s beyond your expertise to repair, hire an expert to do it for you. It’s well worth your health and home safety.


After reports surfaced that children were strangled by mini-blinds, I helped spur new laws that regulated mini-blind standards. Since then, legislation surrounding mini-blind use in the home has dramatically changed, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely safe.

Keep cords out of your child’s reach. Consider installing a small hook on the interior of the window frame,  hanging the cords and out of the way.

‘Dirty’ walls

Those spots of dirt on your walls may not be dirt after all – it could be deadly mold. The seriousness of mold is real – and nearly 500,000 people will die from carcinogenic mold either in the air or on home surfaces.

To play it safe, consider getting a professional to unearth the source of the mold. Even if you clean superficial spots, there may be more mold behind drywall. If your expert informs you that it’s simply surface mold, use a solution of bleach and water to remove the mold.

The beauty cabinet

The FDA regularly warns consumers that many beauty products are recalled or deemed hazardous on a monthly basis. Ingredients such as parabens and phthalates often contained in fragranced lotions and perfumes have been shown to negatively affect pregnancies, but these ingredients have yet to be banned.

Some hair dyes and Brazilian blowouts have been shown to carry extremely hazardous chemicals like lead acetate, formaldehyde, and other carcinogens. Be careful – consider organic products instead.

Lawn care

Now that it’s sunny outside, expect to spend more time taking care of the lawn. But before you rush to the garage, please take some time to inspect your old equipment. Did you know over 86,000 people are treated for serious injury as a result of a lawn mower accident? Read the safety manual, look for loose or missing parts before starting your mower, never start your mower in the garage, and finally, check your lawnmower for recalls at


as many mowers are recalled due to fuel leaks.

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