Thanksgiving: Carmel Creek School

Editor’s Note: We asked students in Maureen Barney’s first grade class at Carmel Creek Elementary School how to make a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Below are their responses.


Maureen Barney’s class at Carmel Creek:

First set up the table. Second buy your turkey. Go back home and drain the fat, put oil on it, put barbecue sauce on it. Third put it in the oven. The temperature is maybe 28 degrees. You maybe put it for a half an hour. Then you take it out but don’t eat it yet. Then you can buy the mash potato. Go back home, put some cranberry sauce. Stir the mash potato. Fifth try to make the salad by yourself. Use lettuce, apples, corn on the cob. Then buy any kind of pie. At last, welcome the friends and families. Then eat.


Buy a turkey at Costco. Put some smelly plants inside the turkey. Put it in the oven 15 degrees for 51 minutes. Then I eat it.


You will have to buy a turkey. Put oil on it. Put it in the oven and make the temperature 30 degrees. Take it out of the oven. Eat it.


Buy a turkey and some potatoes. Then mash some cranberries and the potatoes. Next roast the turkey, turn the oven up to 30 degrees. Finally you have a feast.


Let’s bake in the kitchen. Buy it then take out bones, next you air pressure it. Then put it in the oven and wait for 30 minutes.


First you take out the bones. Second you wash the turkey so the fat runs down the drain. Next here are one of the places you can buy, you can buy the turkey at Costco. Then you cook the turkey for 39 degrees maybe that’s how long the oven is hot. Last you put the turkey out to cool in the wind so the turkey gets warmer.


First buy the turkey. Second put oil on it. Next flavor it with spices. Then I put it in the oven for nine minutes. Last put gravy. Finally I eat it.


First you have to get vegetables. Second you wash the turkey. Third you have to put gravy. Fourth you have to cook it. Fifth you have to flavor it with spices.


Step one you buy a turkey. Step two you put it on a plate. Step three carve the turkey. Step four eat it.


Hunt it. Wash it. Drain the fat. Put oil on it. Take out the bones. Put barbecue sauce on it. Air pressure. Steam it. Put it in the oven for two hours. Let it cool.


Buy it at Ralph’s. Put barbecue sauce on it. Put it in the oven at a million degrees for three hours.


First buy the turkey. Next take out the bones. Last roast it. Flavor it with sugar.


You steam it. I eat potatoes or pasta. I eat it with applies and bananas.



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