Thanksgiving: Skyline School

Students in Judith Tillyard’s combination class at Skyline School
Students in Judith Tillyard’s combination class at Skyline School

Editor’s Note: We asked students in Judith Tillyard’s combination class at Skyline School how to make a Thanksgiving turkey dinner and what they are thankful for. Below are their responses.

Judith Tillyard’s combination class at Skyline:

You get the turkey and then you slice the turkey into smaller bits then you put it in some tray and then you put in the oven for something like an hour. Then you take it our and let it cool and then it’s ready to eat with vegetables and fruit.


My mom gets a turkey from the store and she cooks it on the barbecue for about 20 minutes. She puts it on a plate and then she serves it. After dinner we made a cake and decorate it with gobble things so it’s like a turkey cake.


I put it in the oven until it beeps. I put a little salt and pepper on it and eat it with gravy.


With a turkey, vegetables around it and some sauce to dip the turkey in it. Cookies for dessert.


You get the turkey from a chicken and you chop the chicken and you wrap it with paper and put it in the freezer. Then when it’s time you just take out the frozen turkey and you put it in the oven.


You have turkey, bread balls, corn and water for drinks. You cook it for 20 minutes.


Usually my mom makes it. I think she takes a turkey and stuffs something in it and she cooks it for a half an hour with graving.


I usually put it on the stove and cook it for 30 minutes. We take the temperature a lot. We have some sauce. I forget because it’s been a long time since Thanksgiving.


With the oven for 50 hours. I put sauce on it and pepper. I love pepper. And cheese and salt and macaroni,


Pumpkin pie and rice and a lot of other stuff like that.


I get a raw, frozen turkey in a plastic bag. Then I stuff it with gravy and then I put it in the oven and let it cook for three minutes. Then I take it out of the oven and take the gravy out of the turkey and then it’s ready for Thanksgiving.


I cook it in the oven for 25 minutes with foil on it. You eat it with potatoes, green beans and ice cream.


My mom gets a turkey at the store and she takes out the bones and then cooks it 25 minutes and she cuts it up.


First we have turkey, then we have stuffing and then we have apple pie. Apple pie is my favorite because it’s yummy.


I never made a turkey before, I can’t eat meat.


You can make a turkey and have some stuffing with beans. I have ice cream and cookies for dessert.


Cut it, eat it with ice cream and pizza.



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