Do your homework on Prop J

As a resident of Del Mar with businesses in Del Mar, I believe Prop J is extremely important for the following reasons:

Important elements in designing the L’Auberge were


, a vision of the completed resort,

financial feasibility

as an investment, and

community benefits.

Most will agree, the vision was realized, the investment is sound and the multiple community benefits will continue forever.  The benefits include over $1 million dollars in room taxes and another million plus in property and sales taxes annually for residential services.



for Del Mar is the 1975 Community Plan, designed to achieve a pedestrian friendly, vibrant downtown as the economic base, social and cultural center of the village.  A beautifully landscaped village with wider tree lined sidewalks, outside dining, unique shops and businesses to better serve our residents, similar in charm to the small villages of Europe.  The second goal is to minimize the impact of the automobiles on Del Mar and the third goal to preserve the residential small town atmosphere as a village.

Prop J provides the tools to finally achieve our 1975 community plan goals.  A vital and necessary element of Prop J is the roundabouts to minimize the impact of the automobiles on our village.  For a walkable community, the residents and pedestrians have to be favored over the automobile.  The quiet, charming, small town atmosphere we all desire can never be achieved with a four lane raceway taking precedence over the pedestrian.

The alternative to Prop J is a continuation of what has happened in Del Mar over the past 25 years; from 15th street south to city hall the values have declined, businesses are struggling, and many buildings are old an unattractive.  The village is in a state of decay.  Del Mar’s outdated, archaic building codes make it economically infeasible to invest in upgrades or new business to better serve residents and visitors.  As such, without change the deterioration of our village will continue.  We need to invest in our community to stop the continued decay over the next 25 years.

As I studied Prop J, I realized that little to none of our Community Plan goals can be realized when instead of favoring residents and a small town walkable village atmosphere, we continue with Camino Del Mar as a four lane speedway.  Prop J provides the solution to achieve our 1975 Community Plan goals.

I, too, questioned the reduction to two lanes and the roundabouts, however, instead of accepting misinformation and listening to the nay sayers who oppose everything, I spent two days in Bird Rock to talk to dozens of residents and businesses and here is what they had to say:

It is such an important issue for Del Mar’s future, I urge you to do your homework. Spend some time in Bird Rock, talk to the locals and hear the truth.

Pat:  Owner Bird Rock Surf Shop

“I think the roundabouts are great.  It moves the traffic through so much more efficiently,  yet at a slower pace so motorists have time to observe my business.  The reduction to two lanes with the roundabouts are safer for pedestrians.  It has created a pleasant walkable community and has been good for my business.”



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