Del Mar native, local fitness instructor making waves in the blogosphere

Lauryn Evarts
Lauryn Evarts

By Claire Harlin

Local women may have attended her reformer pilates classes at Solana Beach’s BodyROK Studios, or area residents might have met her at Delicias Restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe, where she bartends several nights a week. But her local following is nothing compared to the thousands worldwide who visit her health and fitness blog, “The Skinny Confidential,” each day.

Del Mar native Lauryn Evarts is 26 years old and in one year has amassed a readership that many seasoned authors and publishers would be envious of. She gets some 35,000 page views a day and is ranked at the top of the fitness category on the site, which keeps a registry of all the world’s most popular blogs.

A 2005 alumna of Torrey Pines High School, Evarts got the idea to blog about health and fitness while studying broadcasting at San Diego State University.

“I would get lunch at school and couldn’t believe how horrendous the options were,” said Evarts, who has modeled for several brands and publications, including Rusty Swimwear and Maxim magazine. “With 40,000 students and tons of sorority girls at SDSU, I was thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go online and modify each restaurant’s offerings to make them healthy?’”

Evarts decided to start doing the research herself. She gathered carbohydrate and calorie counts on all the fast food offerings on campus and started making up her own meals. She removed the bread from a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks, for instance, and she used hummus as salad dressing at Daphne’s California Greek. When she graduated, she embarked on earning her nutrition license, and was poised to get her blog up and running.

“At first I just wanted to start a blog on modifications and substitutions,” said Evarts. “But it turned into being about so many things — lifestyle, balancing health and relationships, working out, eating. There are only so many hours in the day and to do everything and manage health is hard, so I am just trying to make things easier.”

What has really propelled Evarts’ popularity is her sense of humor, which is dry and sometimes even racy, she said.

Lauryn Evarts

“I just talk to readers like they are my girlfriends and I’ll talk about anything,” she said.

One of her most popular posts, for example, was about having a healthy hangover. In it, she urged people just to drink water and pull their [expletive] out of bed and get to the gym, even if it’s for 30 minutes.

“I try to present topics in a funny, approachable way,” she said.

The most interesting part of blogging, which has nearly become a full-time job for Evarts, is reaching out to people from all over the world.

“I am talking to girls in Sweden and Australia. I am talking to girls in Hong Kong — one girl didn’t even have access there to cucumbers,” she said. “We all live in different places, but at the end of the day, people are concerned about the same things. At the end of the day, all everyone wants is happiness.”



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