TPHS alum releases third novel in epic fantasy series

Matthew Wolf, the Torrey Pines High School alum and successful novelist, has been learning how to deal with a relatively new phenomenon for him.

 “It’s weird, in the best way possible, being face to face with my fans,” Wolf explains. “One time, at Tulsa Comic Con I was at my booth and a huge man threaded through the crowds. With a brimming smile his hand engulfed mine like a watermelon and he thanked me heartily for such a great series in booming baritone. I told him thank you in return and that the third book would be out soon. He pointed to his arm and said ‘goosebumps.’”

Wolf has been garnering nationwide praise and acclaim ever since he began writing The Ronin Saga, a fantasy series that recently released its third installment that blends elements of Lord of the Rings and Knights of the Roundtable. Dubbed Bastion of Sun, the third story continues the story that began in book one, The Knife’s Edge, and where book two, Citadel of Fire, left off. 


The cover of Matthew Wolf’s book Bastion of Sun.
The cover of Matthew Wolf’s book Bastion of Sun. (Courtesy)

The release of Bastion of Sun is thanks to a successful Kickstarter Wolf launched last summer. “The Kickstarter was great,” Wolf explains. “I was blown away by the support and sincerity of the new and loyal fans. People really just came out of the woodwork, and we had multiple backers who plan to back for thousands of dollars going forward to make this dream a reality.” By the end of the fundraiser, $6,000 was raised from a total of 146 backers. 

Wolf was only 18 when he began work on the Ronin Saga, and back then he wasn’t sure how many books should make up the series. “I eventually settled on nine,” he remembers. “Why nine? It sounded less intimidating than 10 and more impressive than eight.” Wolf also has high hopes for the story’s future. “The Saga is only the beginning. I truly believe in making each book better than the last and so far I’ve upheld that. Book two surpasses book one, and book three is leagues above book two. I want to excite readers and keep them guessing.”

In order to exceed expectations - both readers and his own - Wolf spent three long years writing Bastion of Sun. “Three years was way too long for me,” he admits. “But that’s what was required to write this book. Anything else would have been a sacrifice to the characters and the series as a whole.”

Now, the fruits of Wolf’s labor are on full display, with voracious readers across the country devouring each book. “I almost feel unworthy of how much people enjoy the Saga,” he notes. “(The fan’s) affection of the Saga is infectious. It’s that love of great fantasy that pushes me to write richer characters, vaster dynamic landscapes, and to keep people on their toes.” 

Bastion of Sun is available now on For more about the Ronin Saga, visit: