18th Annual La Jolla Writers Conference to be held Oct. 26-28


It is said that writers write. But these days, a successful writer must do more than just write. A writer must understand the publishing industry, choose the best method of publication for their project, network to get those all-important blurbs and contacts, be careful about the publishing team they put together, understand public relations and marketing both traditional and online, and still write the best possible book.

If you are a writer – or an aspiring writer – seeking knowledge or wanting to hone your craft, the La Jolla Writers Conference is for you. With more than 70 classes from which to choose, the La Jolla Writers Conference provides three days of an affordable, inspirational, knowledge-rich retreat into the art, craft, and business of writing for authors ranging from aspiring to accomplished.

Alternating class blocks of lectures and interactive workshops are led by writing industry professionals, including noted authors, agents, editors, publishers, and publicists, covering all genres, in a non-commercial setting, with no upsell.

When Antoinette Kuritz founded the conference in 2001, she envisioned an affordable and intimate gathering for aspiring authors. From day one, it became a pay-it-forward conference. To that end, everyone involved, from keynotes to organizers, donates their time, making the conference eminently affordable. Attendance is limited to 200 with a faculty – attendee ration of about one to six.

Foreseeing the changes in the publishing industry, Kuritz included classes on the business of writing. For 18 years now the conference has stayed on top of those industry changes, ensuring that each year attendees receive the most current news and advice on the writing industry. As self-publishing has grown, and as print-on-demand has developed and e-books have evolved, knowing about the business of writing has become more important than ever.

Kuritz’s vision, shared with a handful of authors 18 years ago, has become a conference sustained by a faculty of experts with valuable knowledge, the ability to effectively impart that knowledge, and the generosity to do so.

According to surveys, 81 percent of Americans say they have a book in them – and with the growth of the publishing industry into a multi-billion dollar business, it seems many are writing those books. But what does it take to create a successful book? What does it take to ensure that the agents, publishers, designers, editors and publicists with whom you work can do the job? Where can you go to garner the knowledge you need to ensure you create your professional team without wasting money? If you want objective answers, come to the La Jolla Writers Conference.

Are you thinking of writing? Have you a written manuscript? Are you shy, afraid of group read and critiques? Or are you ready to walk into a room of agents and make your individual pitch? Wherever you are at in your writing career, the place to be is the La Jolla Writers Conference. Check it out at www.lajollawritersconference.com or call 858-467-1978.