Carmel Valley author publishes third novel

In her recently published third novel, “The Smallest of Waves,” author and longtime Carmel Valley resident Janice Coy explores variations of freedom.

“The immigration debate, the idea of people leaving their country for any number of reasons, the sight of homeless people sleeping on the streets and the memory of a psychological study on schoolyard freedom inspired me to write ‘The Smallest of Waves,’” Coy said.

Coy’s third novel combines romance and suspense in a fictional Southern California beachside town. The author categorizes her novels as entertainment with a message. Her first novel, “A Grave in the Vegetable Garden,” tackled the theme of justice. Her second novel, “A Table on Kilimanjaro,” addressed the idea of success. Both of those novels are Amazon best-sellers.

“In my third novel, I wanted to explore how different people experience freedom,” Coy said. The oceanfront setting gave her the perfect opportunity to tap into her personal experiences as a PADI certified advanced scuba diver. Two of the characters in her latest novel, one a seasoned diver and the other a newly certified diver, visit the underwater world just off the beach.

“As a scuba diver, I realized how much I enjoyed the freedom of swimming under water while realizing that freedom only comes with the careful observation of a strict set of safety rules,” she said.

Her scuba exposure reminded her of a psychological study she learned about in college. The aim of the study was to see what would happen if a schoolyard fence was removed. Would the school children experience more freedom?

“Writing a novel gives me the opportunity to examine various points of view through my characters,” Coy said. “I always learn something new, and I hope my readers will too. Of course, if they want to simply enjoy a fun read, they can do that as well!”

“The Smallest of Waves” is available on Amazon or Coy’s website,